Friday, July 6, 2007

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37 hours until I get married....  37.
Kind crept up on me... this past week totally flew by!
Tomorrow will be a busy day...  I'm going to practice waking up at 6am so I won't be zombie on Saturday!  Nobody wants to see a zombie bride!
My room is a disaster.  Looks like I had a tornado.  There is stuff everywhere, and nowhere to put anything!  I'm going to have to finish moving after the honeymoon.
So...anyone who's interested.  For our honeymoon we are going on a cruise to Catilena Island, and then Ensenada, Mexico.  On our way down, we are spending 1 night in Vegas at the Luxor, and then on our way back we're spending 2 nights in the 4 Queens hotel.  I'm pretty excited!  It will be fun!
Well... I hope the rest of you who have not already told me they can't make it, will come see us at the reception.  6-8pm on Saturday the 7th.  It's at the church on the corner of 400E and 200S in Pleasant Grove.