Thursday, October 30, 2014


Fall is a great time of year in Florida.

The humidity goes away, but it stays warm.

The EPCOT Food and Wine Festival happens, and never disappoints.

The parks (the Disney parks) are less crowded because the kids are back in school.

Dancing With the Stars is on TV.

Ok ok, DWTS has NOTHING to do with Florida.  Whatever.

Fall is my new favorite season.

Spring was my favorite in Utah.  Nature would turn from dead and gray to colorful and pretty. The ice starts to melt, and therefore my toes would thaw as well. :-)

The past couple of months have been really difficult.  It was once again our political cycle.  The 2012 cycle nearly killed me, and this one was much better, but I worked a lot more, and in a later time zone.

Our pay period is every two weeks.  My time sheets look like this:
Sep 13-26: 107 hours
Sep 27 - Oct 10: 138 hours
Oct 11-24: 154 hours

I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me. It's my choice to work. I love my job. I love the people I work for. I want to work hard for them and do the best job I can.

I do want you to be impressed though. Surprised. Shocked!  :-)

I actually showered this year! That's a step up from 2012.  Boom, baybeh!  But, with my (terrible) hair cut, after showering and sleeping, this is what I looked like while I worked most days:


I'm sure most everyone in the office has time sheets that look similar to or have even more hours than mine.  Especially the owners. They don't keep time sheets, but they work the hardest and longest of anyone.  That makes it easier for me to give them all I've got.

I feel very lucky to have the job I have.

The hardest part about the past two months has been going to church.  Lance has been home with Lily, so I can sleep during the day.  But after my Saturday night shift, I get hardly any sleep before getting up for church.

My regular schedule is to be off by 1am Sunday morning.  Then I get up at 7:30am for church.   That's already not really enough sleep.  So... you can imagine that getting off work at 5, or 6, or 7am isn't really the most fun thing in the world.

I went one Sunday with zero sleep before church.

Most Sundays I at least got 90 minutes of rest before getting up, which was enough to at least look human. (I think.)

I skipped Sacrament meeting. A lot.  And if I didn't skip it, I missed it anyway because I was running late.

But I am proud of the effort I made.

I'm really excited for life to start going back to "normal" even though I'm not really sure what "normal" is.

We aren't sure if Lance will go back to his previous job.  I really like having him home all the time.

With the holidays coming up we have a lot of trips planned, and if Lance got a new job that means we would risk having to cancel some of those trips.