Thursday, February 14, 2013

Almost Done!

I think they turned out pretty cute...

The big black space at the bottom is my attempt at privacy editing.

We're waiting for Lily's pictures to come back, and they will go in the white space at the top right.

Fun fun!

Let's Be Honest

I'm kind of fighting with myself about posting this.

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.

Thank goodness for Facebook, because without it, I would not have contact with people from my past.  Before Facebook, it was hard work to keep in touch with people who genuinely meant something to you at one point in your life, but as life went on it took you apart.  So, I love Facebook for that.

Thank goodness for Facebook as being a free tool for people to advertise their business.  I have a lot of respect for people who start their own business and work hard at making a living from it.  If this bothered me, I would unfriend the person, or not "like" the business.  Simple.

I like reading what people are up to.

I'm even happy for the people who have found their birth parents, if that's real.  I have this thing where I have a hard time believing every sob story that gets posted on my Facebook. So I don't share many, if any.  But, if they are true, way to go for getting your stories out there.

I hate Facebook as a place to tell your loved ones how you feel.  What ever happened to telling someone in person that you love them?  Do you do both?  Write a big love note publicly on Facebook, then also tell your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/children you love them in person?  Are you far away from the person you're writing this mushy love note to, and if so, can you call them?

I think we should try telling someone to their face, or on the phone how we feel about them.  Don't tell them in a Facebook post, or a tweet, or a text message.  Use your voice! Stop being impersonal.

To be honest, a big mushy, public Facebook note doesn't make me think you love whoever you gave the note to. It just makes me think you want everyone to see what you want to say to them.  If you didn't want everyone to see it, you'd send it in a private message.  Right?

Another scenario could be that maybe that person didn't happen to be next to you when you thought about what you wanted to say, so you posted it on their Facebook, not giving second thought to everyone else who could read it.  And, as believable as the scenario is, it still proves the point that we need to have more in-person contact, and in-person practice with telling people how we feel.

I'll admit, I hate the phone.  And I hate awkward conversations.  But if I love someone, that face-to-face conversation will not be awkward, or the phone call will not be hated by me.

This post brought to you by Valentine's Day, and everyone's public profession of love.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Too Excited

I've been planning Lily's first birthday party ever since she was three months old.  I'm that excited.  The beginning stages were just gathering ideas and such, but, now I'm in full blown party mode.

Her birthday is a month away and I honestly feel like I don't have enough time to get everything done.  Yikes!

I ordered her birthday cakes today.  Oh my goodness, they will be so cute!  I found an old friend from junior high who now does cakes as a hobby, and is even starting her own business!  I'm so excited for her. And I'm excited for Lily's cakes!  I've always wanted an awesome cake at a party for me.  My wedding cake bombed.  Blegh.  But that's a different story, so anyway... here's the inspiration for Lily's cake:

Cute, right?  The changes I requested to this were that the top tier not have polka dots, but have Minnie Mouse silhouettes. And instead of the ears on top, I want a big number 1.

Seriously, I can't stop grinning.

I ordered Lily a SUPER CUTE outfit to wear.

We got the t-shirt and the tutu, not the bow or leggings. We got it from a little shop called Spoiled Sweet Kids.  I wanted to make Lily a tutu myself. I've heard it's really easy, but, realistically, I probably wouldn't finish it in time.  So, there you have it.

I went and bought a bunch of scrapbooking paper to make the invitations.  My inspiration:  

Suuuuuper cute.

 Notice the theme?  Anyone?  It's hard, I know.  Zebra and Minnie Mouse!  SO ADORABLE!

Lance says this party is for me, and not for Lily. I think he's right.