Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, Hi!

I had a dream last night that I updated my blog with a long entry.  I don't know what I wrote, but I remember having a lot to say. 

Pretty far from the truth.

Work has been really busy.  Busy... such a relative term, huh?  To put "busy" in perspective..... On an "average" work week I'd say we do about 20, maybe 30 projects.  Give or take a few.  In the past week we've done 68 projects.  This doesn't even compare to our "cycle."  During the cycle we expect to have 15-20 projects PER DAY (so that makes 105 - 140 projects in a week).  That doesn't start until September though, so I have a while until I won't have a life for two months.

Umm... The Jazz season ended.  If you didn't know that already then I'm sure you don't care.  But since the Jazz are out, I'm basically just anti-LA.  Meaning, I don't care who wins the Championship as long as it's not LA.

Bentley is so stinking cute.  We gook her camping and she loved it.  She's such a fast learner!  You can tell what words and prases she likes (Are you ready to go?/Want to go in the car?/Where's your collar?/Where's the kitty? etc.) and what ones she doesn't like (Do you wanna take a bath?/It's time to go in your room.)  "Camping" is a new word she learned that she likes.  She gets excited when you say it.  I love her.

Speaking of our camping trip... Katie and Eric went.  Katie is such a trooper for camping while pregnant.  Go Katie!  We had a lot of fun with them.  It was good to just hang out and talk for hours and hours.

And last... here's a list of things in our house we are thinking about getting rid of....
Wii Fit - We never use it.
Rockband 2 - Same as above.
Our truck - Now that we carpool, we don't need two cars.  And with how much money we spend on car payments in a month, we should be driving an Audi.  Seriously.
Comcast internet and cable - Something we do use.  But I could live without TV.  I'm not anti-TV... I am anti-laundry.  Maybe without a TV I'll finally do the laundry (fat chance).

We'll see what we actually DO end up tossing....

Ok bye!