Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Days

I don't really have much to say, so here are some pictures:

We went on our usual walk around the pond with our dogs. This was Lily after asking me to take her picture. She's making a "grumpy" face. Sounds a lot like my sister, Jessica, when she was three.  Jessica asked my dad to take a picture of her, then she gave him a grumpy face.

Jessica's grumpy face is way more believable...

PS: Those bangs. So fetch.

Any time I get up during work, Lily will take over my chair and say she's working.  She's the cutest worker, ever.

We went to the beach to watch a rocket launch.  We could see it launch from our house, but we thought this would be fun. We were about 10ish miles away from NASA, close enough to feel it launch.

Unfortunately, they delayed the launch until the following night. I had to work the next night, so we missed it.

But being at the beach during sunset is gorgeous!

Lily had her performance and they invited us into her dance room to watch.  She was so adorable.  It was just the last few classes where Lily finally looked comfortable. I guess she just took a little while to warm up.  She did great at her dance!  And now she performs it for us every day in her bedroom.

I keep forgetting to sign her up for preschool.  I'm so disappointed.  I hope it's not too late...

I went to Utah for a company meeting. I of course had to visit Kellyanne, my hair stylist, so I could get a proper hair cut.

I didn't take very many pictures while I was in Utah, but the highlights were (in chronological order):

  • Getting a haircut and awesome style
  • Going to Ulta and Kneaders with Sierra and Elise
  • Playing Cards Against Humanity with Aziz, Elise, Mitch, Sierra, and Paula (Sierra's mom).
  • Going to a movie with my company, as well as my mom, dad, Elise, Aziz, Jessica, and Mabel.
  • Going to dinner with some friends, Betty, Mike, Jenni, and Jake
  • Getting Cafe Rio with my dad, Elise, and Aziz
  • Seeing my cute maternal grandparents
  • Sharing my coleslaw with my nephew, Charlie
  • Getting some one-on-one time with Eric, and chatting for a bit
  • Playing Settlers with Jessica
  • Driving my dad to work in the morning with my mom

Utah trips are emotionally exhausting. There are so many people I want to see, and I'm never there for long enough.

Lately Lily has been loving putting on my shoes and walking around.  She's pretty great in heels.

On Wednesday we took Emilee to Animal Kingdom.  It was pretty fun.  During the safari ride, the baby elephants were wrestling in the pond. It was so adorable!

This is Lily's selfie. I think it's cute.

She asked Emilee to take pictures of her.

Yes, most of the time her hair is wild and free. So what?

We took a Sunday drive to the temple. The weather was nice, and the temperature just right. I love the Orlando temple.

We found some orange trees on the temple grounds. I thought that was really cool.

She'll go inside someday.

This week we are going to Tampa. Lance wanted to see the Braves play, and they're playing in Tampa this week. So we're driving two cars over there and spending the afternoon at the beach.  Then Lance will go to the game in the evening, and me, Emilee, and Lily will go home.

We only have two more weekends with Emilee, so this weekend is the beach/Tampa, and next weekend is EPCOT. EPCOT is my favorite Disney park, so I'm super excited to show it to Emilee.

I'm going to be so sad when Emilee leaves. It's so nice to have someone to talk to and hang out with.  And the help with Lily is just amazing.

Lily is quite the fireball. She thinks everything is negotiable, and she's extremely smart. She's so full of fun and love. But sometimes she will be snuggly.  She was snuggled up to me during Sacrament meeting on Sunday. That was really nice. Then when Lance wakes up in the evening, she likes to snuggle with him while they watch a movie.

She's growing up so fast.