Monday, May 26, 2014

Rule #1

I have a tip for you all today.

If your husband's job before your weekend vacation is to take out the trash, and he forgets, do not also forget.

Especially if you turn  your A/C off (or up to, say, 80 degrees).

And you live in a hot and humid climate (or say, central Florida).

On a completely unrelated note, our house smells like year old diapers and rotten food.........

Monday, May 19, 2014

My Blog's Gone Crazay

Sometimes pictures go missing.
Sometimes I don't get comments for months on end, which might be because people don't comment, or I think it's because my blog doesn't let people comment.

One time I saw a comment, and then it disappeared forever.  I don't know what's up with that.

So... if anyone knows what's going on, I'd be interested to know.

Maybe it's time for a blog overhaul and redesign?

Focus T25 - Week 10

I did a few workouts here and there, but I meant to repeat week 10 about 3 times before giving up. I was sick for 2 weeks, on vacation for a weekend, and yeah, I basically just took 3 weeks off from the program. Not the smartest thing, but there's no going back now!

Today I moved on to week 11, and the Gamma round, but I'll post that entire week together next Monday.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


I'm so overwhelmed.

Our lease on this apartment is up at the end of July, which means, our 60 days notice is due by the end of this month.

I'm not ready to move again.  I do not think an explanation is necessary.

At the same time, I hate, hate, hate this apartment.

I hate how tiny the kitchen is.  If the dishwasher is open, I can't walk around it.  My cupboard space is a joke, and my counter space is almost nonexistant, but add in the fact that there is no microwave above the stove, so a microwave takes up 50% of the counter space that I have.  As you can imagine, cooking sucks.  I hate it.

I am sick of having to go to a laundromat.

I am sick of our only bathrooms being accessible through the bedrooms.  When I'm working late at night, I get to wake up Lance or wake up Lily.

There is carpet, carpet everywhere!  You can only guess what it looks like underneath Lily's high chair, even though her high chair IS on the plastic mat that was supposed to be for my desk chair.  Who puts carpet underneath where you're supposed to be eating?  That just doesn't make sense.  It's like they're vultures just waiting for you to stain it so they can rip you off on cleaning fees.

So naturally, our apartment search looks like this:

3 bedrooms, so I can have an office.  That will be necessary during the cycle, where I will be working 12-14 hours every night. 7pm to 7am, possibly 9am.  Last cycle in Utah, the latest I worked was 8am, that'd be 10am here.  I get an office or I don't move.

A kitchen where I can have the dishwasher open and be able to walk around it.  Ideally I'd like a gourmet kitchen, or at least a nice wide open one, with granite counter tops and new appliances, but that's not going to happen with our budget.  So, just give me some freaking space in the kitchen and I'll take it. This shouldn't be a big deal, but apparently no one cooks around here, or no one needs space to cook. I don't get it.

A bathroom that isn't located inside a bedroom?

Washer and dryer in unit. No compromise.

I'd like to stay in our ward, but that's proving to be difficult. We have a lot of crappy areas in our ward, including the one I'm in currently. We also have a lot of fancy areas in our ward, where rent is way over what we can afford.  There is not much inbetween.

We set a budget and I found some really promising properties within that budget, but Lance complained they were too expensive. To say that's frustrating would be an understatement.

Besides the house hunt, I'm also overwhelmed because my period was 11 days late.  When you've been trying for a baby for a year and a half, that causes a lot of excitement at first, until your period comes and then you just want to explode and throw stuff.

Not to mention that I bought brand new underwear, was wearing protection up until yesterday, but decided maybe my period just wasn't going to come. Surprise surprise, stained underwear today. I'm so pissed off.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Ipsy May Glambag Review

I got a shiny pink envelope in my mailbox today!

For the month of May, Ipsy gave us some "fresh picks" to help us enjoy the spring sunshine and get ready for summertime.

Can you believe summer is just a month away?  Crazy town.

There were so many options this month, and only a few that I didn't really want.  I really feel like the product selections and brands are getting better and better each month.

Also, the bag this month is adorable!  It's a canvas material, rather than the plastic-type stuff they normally use.

The Therapy Session Hair Mask deeply conditions, repairs and strengthens dry and damaged hair. Argan Oil nourishes and revitalizes, while Keravis Protein drastically increases hair’s strength and elasticity. The results are hydrated, soft and manageable hair.
-From Ipsy's site
  • Size: Full size, 60ml
  • Cost: $12
It's no secret that I have bleached hair. Bleached hair needs special care. I love, love, love hair masks!  I love that this one is full size!  I'm currently using the Macadamia hair mask that I got from that awesome beauty swap I did a little while back, so I don't need this one. Also, the smell of this one is more flowery than I prefer.  I know someone who would enjoy this scent though, so, to the gift pile it goes!

Protect and nourish your skin with our clear, lightweight, naturally scented sunscreen. Provides maximum water resistance and full body coverage against harmful UVA/UVB rays.
-From Ipsy's site
  • Size: Deluxe sample, 1oz
  • Estimated value: $2.17
Sunscreen is a necessity.  We have a lot of sunscreen around here, but I'll welcome one that's just for me.

Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo
The Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo are coconut infused mineral eye shadows that are a perfect addition to any makeup collection. Packaged in a beautiful travel ready recyclable container, these exclusive duos are customized just for ipsy! These shades can be found in the Pacifica Mystical and Charmed Palette. Smooth application with gorgeous color pay-off.
-From Ipsy's site
  • Color:"Duo #1"
  • Size: Deluxe sample, .07oz
  • Estimated value: $3.36
I'm starting to think I have too much eyeshadow, so....even though this is beautiful, it is going in my pile of gifts.

Match any look or mood with the craveable colors of the Revlon ColorBurst™ Crayon Collection. From barely there to bright and bold, these moisture-rich balms keep lips soft and smooth in 30 shades and 3 finishes.
-From Ipsy's site
  • Color: Elusive
  • Size: Full size, 2.7g
  • Cost: $6.49
I also think I have too many lip products, but this color is so gorgeous, I just HAD to try it. I love the texture of this balm.  Most of my other matte lip products feel very dry, but this one feels moisturizing.  It also has a good smell, kind of minty. The texture is great, and I can't wait to rock this all season. ☺

Improve the appearance of your skin with this gentle yet effective Microdermabrasion Scrub, only from derma e®. This formula buffs away dull surface cells, diminshes the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars, and absorbs excess skin oils with an exclusive crystal blend including Dead Sea Salt and Volcanic Sand (rich in Silica). Enriched with natural astringents Lime and Lemon Peel plus antioxidants Grapeseed and Vitamin E, this pro-grade treatment retexturizes skin, leaving it soft, smooth and younger-looking.
-From Ipsy's site
  • Size: Deluxe sample, 1oz
  • Estimated value: $14.63
I got a microdermabrasion scrub last month, so I plan to add this to my pile of gifts for other people.  I think it smells great, very citrusy.

Bag Value:
Eva NYC hair mask: $12
Hang 10 sunscreen: $2.17
Pacifica eyeshadow: $3.36
Revlon matte balm: $6.49
Derma E scrub: $14.63

Grand Total: $38.65

Here is my referral link if you're interested in trying Ipsy:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fun With Learning

The things Lily does will never get old.

We have foam letters and numbers in the bath, and she's doing an excellent job learning them!  It's so fun watching her learn and discover. I like how I, T, and H are all "I" and the letter "P" and the color pink are both, "pink."

I've tried teaching her colors, but the only one that has stuck so far is pink.  I don't think it's her favorite, I just think she wears it the most often so she hears it the most. It's also the easiest for her to pronounce.

I put some glow sticks in her bath today, and we talked about those colors. She loved it!

I may have wanted to jump in too. It just looks like fun. :)  Glow sticks in the swimming pool, anyone?

She liked her glow sticks so much, she wanted them to join her during her nap.

Yesterday, I told Lily we would go swimming today, but it's raining. So hopefully this makes up for my broken promise.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

3 Nephi 17

Every time I prayerfully study this chapter and spend time pondering what it teaches, I end up in tears, full of love and gratitude for my Savior.
The Savior asks the Nephites to bring him all those who are sick or afflicted in any way. As I ponder what this means, I realize that could be everyone.
I imagine myself being there. If the Savior appeared to a group of 2500 people, and I was in that group, and he asked us to bring him the sick and afflicted so he could heal them, I would desperately want a blessing from him. However, I would feel like my afflictions weren't as serious or important as others'. I'm not blind, or deaf. I'm not missing any limbs.  I don't have any serious health issues. I'm not battling cancer, or depression. Because of this, I wouldn't go up to him. I'd hang back, probably in the deepest corner.
Eventually, my visualization changes, and it begins to look like the ending scene of the movie The Testaments, where Jesus makes his way through the crowd and comes to Helam, a blind man. Christ looks Helam in the eye, calls him by name, smiling, then heals his vision.
In my visualization, Christ comes to me. He knows I want a blessing from him, and he knows I feel like my problems don't matter to him, or aren't as important as others'. But my problems do matter to him. He loves me. He looks me in the eyes and calls me by name.
He puts his hands on my head and gives me the most beautiful blessing I've ever received, and afterwards, I just hug him. I tell him I love him. And he moves on.
The Savior loves each one of us more than we can comprehend. He cares about our weaknesses, struggles, afflictions, problems, and shortcomings, even if we think they are small and unimportant on the scale. He wants us all to be healed. He wants us all to be happy.
Try reading 3 Nephi 17 and imagining yourself there. If you're comfortable sharing, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Random Stuff

We went to Utah a couple weekends ago.  Lance wanted to go to Utah for his birthday.

So, once we planned to go out there, Lance's sister, Nicole, decided it'd be a good time to bless her new baby Evelyn.  So, Lance blessed baby Evelyn while we were there.  He does such a good job with his priesthood blessings.

Also once we made the plans to go, my sister, Elise, decided it would be a good time to get her endowment out.  She asked me to be her escort. That was a really cool experience.  I hardly remember the day I got my endowment.  Lance was Elise's husband, Aziz's escort. 

We took only a few pictures during our trip.

Riding in a rental car
It's hard to take pictures in close proximity when your target is constantly moving.

Lily had her own seat, and had a lot of fun! She was really good.

We tried to get her to sleep, but that didn't happen.

I've been trying to do fun things with Lily this week.  We went on a walk and saw some momma ducks with baby ducks!

Lily calls ducks, "bocks".  "Ba bocks" or something like that.  She thinks they're so funny.

We've gone swimming twice this week!  We're out of swimming diapers, and since it's quite the event to get to the store, I just wait until after she poops, and then I take her diaper free.  She loves swimming so much! She gets really excited about it.

Once again, a moving target...

Her suit is getting too small!

And finally, a random story that you may not know about me:

When I was in the 8th grade, a random boy who I never talked to, Nathan Ives, was sitting behind me in class. I turned around and was talking to the boy next to him, Beau, who I had on a crush on. Nathan Ives, looked at me and said, "You need to put makeup in your eyebrows or something, because I can't even see them."

I don't remember what I said.  But that started a very long battle with being self conscious about my eyebrows.

I wish I would have said, "Why do you care about being able to see my eyebrows?"

Well friends, It's taken me 13 years, but I think I've finally beat the battle of the brows.

Eat my brows, Nathan Ives!
Side note: I really don't care what anyone thinks of my eyebrows.  I like having light colored brows because I can make them bold or I can make them "natural." Also, oddly enough, this random boy married one of my friends, who I am friends with on Facebook. So, he has not disappeared completely. And while I remember this story very well, I have no negative feelings towards him.

And finally, one more random Snapchat photo:

Seriously though, what was my hair doing?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Ft. Lauderdale Temple Dedication

President Uchtdorf said to write about this experience in my journal. I don't keep a private journal, so here you go! :)

Ft. Lauderdale Florida Temple. Picture from:

Many wards in the area got the opportunity to witness the Ft. Lauderdale temple dedication this past Sunday.  We did not have any regular church meetings. Instead, any baptized members who are 8 and older were able to receive tickets to attend one of three live broadcasts at the Stake Center.

Lance planned to go the 9am session while I stayed home with Lily, and I planned to go to the 12:00 session while Lance stayed home with Lily.  Lance went to the 9am session and really enjoyed it. He got home around 11. I was running behind due to sleeping in, mixed with the difficulties of getting ready with a 2 year old  hanging on you, running away with items you need, and crying for random reasons.  I left the house at 11:35am.

I got the the church at exactly 12:00, and went to the east doors.  They were locked.  I went to the north doors, they were also locked, but I saw a sign saying to go to the west doors.  I went over to the west doors and there was a sign saying, "Doors locked. Temple dedication."

So I missed it.

I'm certain that if I had gone to the west side first I would have been able to get into this session.  So, annoyed, disappointed, and somewhat angry, I drove home.

When I got home I talked to Lance about skipping it all together and just going to the beach.  But, I really wanted to go, so I left home at 2:00 for the 3:00 session.  I got there at 2:20, and was able to sit in the front and watch a slideshow of pictures of temples around the world.

Ft. Lauderdale Florida Temple. Picture from:

Temples are gorgeous.

As I sat there waiting, I thought about the past temple dedications I've had the opportunity to witness.  It occurred to me that this was a big deal and it was a special privilege.  In Utah, there are so many temples, and a few of them are brand new, but I did not have the opportunity to witness their dedications.

Mt. Timpanogos Utah Temple. Picture from:
I witnessed the Mt. Timpanogos temple dedication in 1996. I was 8 years old, and I lived in Santaquin, Utah.  I barely remember it.  I remember waving a white handkerchief around. I don't remember being with my family. For some reason I picture myself sitting with my childhood friend, Camille Parsons (now Camille Evans).  I'm sure this is skewed, but I'll have to ask my mom about it.  Mt. Timpanogos is the only temple I remember walking through the open house that happens in the weeks before the dedication. As an 8 year old child, I didn't fully understand why temples were so special, but I could feel something special.  I told my mom that I would be married in the Timpanogos temple.

Jordan River Utah Temple. Picture from:

However, I wasn't married there.  I decided to get married in the Jordan River, Utah temple (because of stupid reasons).  I thought it was newer.  The joke was on me!  The Jordan River temple was dedicated in 1981.  It's still a lovely temple, but I wished I had stayed true to my 8 year old dream. That would be a better story for why I chose the temple I did. :-)  I did get my endowment at the Timpanogos temple, though.

Nauvoo Illinois Temple. Picture from:

I had the opportunity to witness the Nauvoo Illinois temple dedication in 2002, but for some reason I didn't go.  Looking back, I wish I had made more of an effort to make it to that dedication.  I can imagine how special it was, and I'm sure the spirits of all the pioneers who sacrificed for the original Nauvoo temple were there to witness the dedication of the reconstruction.  I bet Joseph Smith was there, too.

When I was 8 or 9 my family took a trip to Nauvoo, and I did see where the temple used to be (before they rebuilt it).  This is how I remember it:

Nauvoo Illinois Temple Original Foundation. Picture from:

During the Ft. Lauderdale temple dedication, I had many thoughts and impressions.

Temples are important. Their purpose is to seal on earth and in heaven.  Because of temples we can be together as families in the Celestial Kingdom.  Temples are a "halfway" place between our mortal existence and God.  It is the "closest" you can get to heaven while on Earth.  The things you learn there will be important for this earthly life as well as the life to come.

One of the speakers shared a quote that I really liked. I can't quote it word for word, but it said that those who share sacred things about the temple do not truly understand them.

I know I have probably shared more than I should have, or talked too casually about sacred ordinances in the temple, so I'm going to be better about that.

Orlando Florida Temple. Picture from:

I've taken temples for granted.  I have never lived farther than 45 minutes from a temple.  In Utah, that's obvious. But in Raleigh I was not very far away, and now here in Kissimmee, I am not very far away in comparison to many other people.  What are the odds that I would move 45 minutes away from the (then) only temple in Florida?  How amazing is that!  And do I go often enough?  No.  I should go more. I want to go more. I need to go more.

My final thought was that the Hosanna shout is so awkward. I'm not sure I understand why we do it at each temple dedication.  It was done at the Kirtland, Ohio temple dedication, which was the first temple constructed since the LDS church was restored.  The Kirtland temple however, is not owned or operated by the LDS church. It now belongs to the Community of Christ.  But I mean, shouting hosanna and waving a handkerchief around just makes me feel silly.  I suppose this is something I should learn more about as it has to be significant or we wouldn't be doing it.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Focus T25 - Week 9

Day 58 - Monday | Rip't Circuit

Last week I only did two workouts out of the six I normally do in a week. So, I decided to repeat last week. I got home from my trip today, so I did not workout.

Day 59 - Tuesday | Dynamic Core

I was planning to do both Rip't Circuit and Dynamic Core today, but I was SO incredibly shaky during Rip't Circuit that I honestly don't have it in me to attempt Dynamic Core today.  I'm actually still shaking as I'm typing this.

Rip't Circuit was the hardest it's ever been! I had to do modified moves for part of it, and I didn't even try the air plank to one leg burpees.  I just stopped, but then I did a few regular burpees.

All in all, I feel like I did a pretty good job, considering that I skipped four days of workouts, and I've been eating horribly the past few days. That's what vacations are for though, so I'm not punishing myself. :)

Day 60 - Wednesday | Core Cardio

I did Dynamic Core today. It's really hard.  I wanted to do double down today, but it's so hard just getting through one. I've seriously backtracked. But that's OK. I still think I'm doing great.

Day 61 - Thursday | Dynamic Core

Is it confusing that I have the scheduled workout name above, when I didn't actually do that workout?  Today I did yesterday's Core Cardio.  Well, actually, today I tried to do yesterday's Core Cardio.  I had a really hard time getting out of bed today. My entire body is aching, I feel nausea, a head ache, a sore throat, I'm dizzy, and my entire body is shaking.  I attempted Core Cardio anyway, thinking it might make me feel better.


I feel completely worse now.  I didn't even get all the way through.  I had 8 minutes left in the workout before I shut it off. I'm extremely sweaty right now, but that's because it will most likely rain later.  My entire body is shaking, and I feel so weak.  I don't feel sick, but maybe I am?  Whatever I am, I am not feeling great.  At all.

Day 62 - Friday | Speed 2.0 & Upper Focus

I had every intention to do both of the scheduled workouts today. Unfortunately, things don't happen the way we want them to.

TMI alert - Does anyone else have their bowels loosened while working out?  Seems like more often than not, shortly after I start a workout, I realize that I need to go #2.  I'm weird.

After that little break, Lily would not leave me alone. She cried for this, and cried for that. Had me find this, wanted that. Needed more food. Needed a drink.  I got really frustrated, and I yelled at her.  For what?  For being a normal 2 year old?  That isn't fair.  I felt guilty so I stopped the workout with 6 minutes to go, and just played with her in her room for a long while.  After that, I lost all motivation to even start the workout where I left off, let alone do the second workout.

In all reality, I should re-repeat this week. However, I'm starting to get bored of these workouts (except Speed 2.0, still love that one), so I'm glad that next week will be my last week. Then I will move on the the Gamma round!  There are two different versions of the Gamma round, and I haven't decided which one I will do yet.

Day 63 - STATurday

I have lost 4.6 lbs, which is actually quite a bit for a 5'3 shorty.  Doing good, doing good!

If I were doing Insanity, today would be my last day!  That's an interesting thought. :-)  If I had done Insanity, I wonder how different my body would be right now, or if it'd be about the same.

Day 64 - Sunday | Stretch


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Iron and Wine

Lily and I are just hanging out, listening to music and dancing. I was showing her some of my favorite songs, and I just remembered this one.

Iron and Wine is a pretty new band to me, and I have no idea how long they've really been around, but this song is so great. I just love it. :-)

(The song starts about 35 seconds into the video...)