Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend Fun

Happy Tuesday!

I had a pretty sweet weekend.

Friday: Lance went to Wendover, with a friend from work and I hung out at my parents' house for a few hours. I met Elise's friend Reed. He's so cool! Plus, he has cool hair, so... yeah. Then my dad, mom and I went to Cafe Rio. It was delicioso!

Saturday: Lance got home from Wendover at about 7:30am. So I decided to go shopping to let him sleep. I met my mom and sisters Emilee and Elise at the Orem mall. I bought some sexy jeans (I'm pretty much addicted to buying hot jeans). This ones are MEK. And yes, they are hott. The salesguy brought me a bunch of ...unique... shirts, but they actually looked good on me! So I bought one of them that has this like... doiley (sp?) looking collar. Yeah, sounds ugly. In fact, I thought it was ugly until I put it on. I think it looks super good on me though. I also bought a jacket that is also way hott. So.... I spent too much money, but hey, I look good, so it's ok. I also went to Aeropostale and bought Eric a couple shirts for his birthday. He seemed to like them! I think he looks good in them. Um, I also bought the best sunless tanning lotion that has ever been created, at least of the ones I've tried. It's Strike Gold by Bath and Body. I love it. When I got home I woke Lance up so we could go get some food, and then we went to the Jazz game. It was a great day... until the Jazz lost. Ugh. They need to snap out of this haze they're in and be the team I know they can be! That totally sounds cheesy, but it's so frustrating when you know how good they can be, but nobody is playing well!

Sunday: We went to my parents' ward because Jared got set apart as an Elder. It was very special. We then had Eric's birthday party, which was nice. There was food and fun! Plus I got to see my Gramma and Grampa. I love them.

So that was my weekend. This was the weekend I was supposed to be in St Louis. :-(

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cake Wrecks

I just wanted to specifically point out a few new things on my blog.

First, I added a new blog I'm following that is NOT someone I know, but just something that is hilareous. Check out these wedding cake disasters!


...and my personal favorite...


LOL, I love it!

Ok secondly, I added some music to the bottom of the blog. If you don't like hard rock, you won't like. Well, I think I have a couple songs that aren't hard rock, but for the most part...


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beyond Glaze.... Way, Way Beyond.

As most (...or some...) of you know, I work for a political data processing company. And today, being the inauguration of Obama, we are having a party! My job is so freakin' cool. We had pizza from The Pie and donuts from this place called Beyond Glaze. OMG! I am not a big donut fan... seriously... but those donuts are the best donuts I've ever had in my entire life. They have super amazing flavors such as Peach Cobbler, Key Lime Pie and I tried a new one today called White Chocolate Mint. They also have Chocolate Ganoche, Strawberry Cheesecake and much much more.... OMG all sorts of amazing flavors! Basically they are a plain glazed donut, with extra frosting on top that is flavored with these great flavors. The best part is, I don't feel like I'm eating a donut, I feel like I'm eating a slice of key lime pie, or peach cobbler or whatever flavor I've chosen.

I would highly recommend this place if you're craving a donut.


PS: Good luck Obama!

Monday, January 19, 2009


So Saturday we saw Mall Cop. It was cute but kinda cheesy. And Red Lobster = super delicious. And I don't even like fish... haha tricksy, huh? Actually I just got chicken. It was so stinkin good!

Lunch today is a Yoplait strawberry yogurt. It's the last of my pack of 8. I used to love these things, but today and last week I pretty much had to gag them down. "Stop eating them," you say? Well I don't drink enough milk in my life. I hate the stuff...unless it's with cereal and I don't eat cereal very often. So... to prevent having frail bones when I get older, I eat yogurt. I think I'm going to try Yoplait light from now on. Maybe I will like that better.

Great news! I haven't bitten my nails since... well the week before Christmas so that's....4 weeks now, ish? Two of them broke a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't had any breaks since. At least, not yet. They always break. But, I did cut them and paint them yesterday, so they should be good. I bit so much off the sides of my nails that it is going to take forever for them to grow out. I don't really know how to explain, but I trimmed them so they are short, but they are growing in a square shape instead of the funky shapes they used to be because the sides were so short. On another note, that means 11 months until Christmas! Get excited. Haha just playing.

I started Wii Fit again yesterday! More good news: I lost 2 pounds since I last used it. Go figure. Losing 2 pounds through the holidays. Sounds more like losing the muscle and gaining more fat, hence losing weight. No worries though. By Spring I want a nice toned tummy and bum for the vacations I'm taking (Vegas, cruise...). I think I will need more than Wii Fit though so I'm thinking about purchasing some pilates videos. I dunno, we'll see.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Win A Date! With...

Kyle Korver?


Ok so it wouldn't really be a date. But seriously, how awesome would that be?! Way awesome, that's how. Probably awkward too, but more so awesome.

Tonight I am going to Red Lobster with my hubby, little brother whom I love so very much and his fabbity fab girlfriend whom I also love very much. I love Lancee too, fyi. Then afterwards we are going to a movie. It's so cool to grow up and go on double dates with your siblings. Seriously, I love it.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sometimes Ups Outnumber The Downs

...but not in Nottingham.

Turns out I am NOT going to St Louis. Here's the story:

Dani Johnson is the person who is in charge of First Steps to Success, and she had to have emergency back surgery last week, so she re-scheduled the seminar for February 7 and 8. My reservation to go to the seminar was still fine, so all I had to do was re-schedule my flight and hotel. Simple, right? WRONG!

Rachel was going to go with me and she bailed out because of the date change. So I called US Airways and tried to change the name on her ticket to Lance. But no luck, they wouldn't do it. Carrie (my manager) said that sometimes if you talk to them in person they are a little more understanding. So I drove up to the air port to talk to them. I explained to them what happened. I paid for the tickets, I should be able to put whoever's name I want on there, right? The guy I talked to was very nice, he felt really bad, but he honestly could not do anything. I would have to contact some corporate office and if they decided that my reasoning was feasible, they would send me a written letter of such and such and even then security might not believe me. Plus, I don't have time to wait for a freaking letter. So basically I was stuck with a ticket with Rachel Ward's name on it. I could cancel hers, and fly myself, but that's a $150 ticket change fee. $150 ticket change fee?!?!?! WTF? It doesn't cost money to electronically switch the effing dates on my flight to 2 weeks later. Come on!! So I just cancelled everything. I have a flight credit in my name and a flight credit in Rachel's name, but no money from Rachel yet. Hopefully she pays up. Hopefully the flight credit is worth SOMETHING. Even then, I have to pay the $150 ticket change fee in order to go book that new flight. It is so messed up. DO NOT FLY WITH US AIRWAYS!!

At least the hotel was nice and fair in cancelling my reservation and giving me 100% of my money back. Stupid airlines. Ugh !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!

That is all. ☺

Monday, January 12, 2009

DataWise Inside Jokes

So most of you won't understand this... OK ALL of you won't understand this. But these are some of the inside jokes at my work. I ♥ them so much!

You Know You Work at Datawise When...

–The note "MT SW TP to RB" makes perfect sense.
–The only way you know how to do anything is because you've already found every possible way to screw it up.
–Your spouse’s eyes glaze over after 30 seconds of talking about what you did today.
–You have no sympathy for people who complain about their "busy" time of year.
–You live for CHEESE PARTIES!!
–"I want a pony" is not a childhood dream.
–You have family reunions on the 4s (4 AM / 4 PM).
–1 wurd: LOLCAT.
–You have to remind people you have a J.O.B. every day.
–The "Wiseys" are the highest form of honor
–You’re drinking water out of a paper bowl.
–You find nothing odd about people laughing about a joke when no one has said a word.
–You can have an entire conversation with someone in complete silence.
–The ding of an email can bring you almost to tears.
–You clutch recently printed trend for warmth.
–You can say "DataWise" correctly.
–VD has nothing to do with a disease.
–You spell check for 'defecate.'
–You spell Bill with 3 Ls.
–You work in descending rainbow order.
–Your company mascot is a Pony.
–You've ever watched a commercial and said 'I did coding for that!'
–You get drunk-dialed with table edits.
–You hold the Cuban constant.
–El Pollo Diablo Bano Loco just means "Matt"
–Your work is approved by El Diablo
–A screen-saver ruins your new computer.
–Richard has a macro for that.
–If you’ve ever been giddy over a macro.
–You have strong opinions about macros.
–You enjoy batch files.
–You give Chad Michael Murray as a gift.
–You know what time zone Kentucky is in.
–Getting this weighted is more important than your health.
–You have every possible pen color.
–You don’t know exactly what color the walls are.
–You make sure these numbers match those numbers.
–Your training book is as thick as a dictionary.
–You love your Intelligel seat cushion.
–You have high blood pressure.
–You’ve ever answered a moral question with "It’s what the client wants!"
–You have 900 plastic knives, but no forks.
–You can't remember the last fifteen minutes on the highway.
–You demean your client in fantasy football.
–An entire page on the schedule is yours.
–You really need that stress ball.
–You are asked if you love your calculator.
–Thousands of responses don't scare you.
–If you can’t see what you did wrong, and someone instantly points it out to you.
–If Laura’s ever told you that she’s never seen that before.
–If you have an advent calendar to count down to Election Day.
–You're still having nightmares about MO HD's.
–Tomorrow comes before your shift ends.
–If "yesterday" is a valid deadline.
–You take a quiz to find out which Super Villain you are.
–You have a ninja on your desk.
–Your co-workers have "hooker lights."
–Your co-workers wear hooker boots.
–It’s perfectly normal to wear slippers at work.
–You hear a fire truck racing down the street everyday.
–There is a contest to see who can close Donni’s office door.
–You’re excited to go to Smith’s on your dinner break.
–"Dinner break" is a RockStar.
–Caffeine is your diet staple.
–You’re so sick of eating out at the normal places that you start making up funny names for them.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Alcohol Free Hangovers

Seriously, I'm just bored.

So here's my new hair! You can't really tell in this lighting though. Oh well.

I don't feel well. I slept way too long yesterday. Long story about that, lemme share!

I leave for work at 6:20am to get there by 7. Well, yesterday, a truck decided to get himself jack-knived right after point of the mountain. It was blocking all the lanes except for the carpool lane. Yeha... so it took me 50 minutes to get from Lehi (right before the point of the mountain) to the Bangeter Highway exit. I don't exit there.. but that's about where this gay truck was. OMG it sucked! Ok, so I worked and work was dandy, and then on my way home, guess what happened? THE EXACT SAME THING!!! This time it was in Lehi though. So it took me 45 minutes to get past that one. How freaking retarded is that? At the time I thought it was funny, and I was extremely patient, but I was so tired when I got home that I took a 3 hour nap. I woke up and watched TV for maybe an hour and then went back to bed. So I slept from 9pm to 11 am, plus my 3 hour nap. So that's 17 hours of sleep. Now I feel hungover, only, without alcohol. It's bad.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Work Lay-Offs

I want to start by saying no I did not lose my job, luckily.

These past few months at work have been really hard. I've gone from feeling underappreciated and over-worked, to being grateful I at least have a job, to feeling appreciated (and maybe even promoted!).

After the cycle (our busy time of year the months before the election) the bosses talked to all of the employees and told us that in January they have to lay off 5 people. Five... Rumors went around the company about this and that, but what Dana (my boss) told me specifically was that there wasn't enough work for the amount of employees, and that we all need to "prove ourselves" (yes he used those words) in order to keep our jobs. So, I worked my butt off (seriously, it's gone), and got about halfway done with my level 2 certification, which I'm pretty proud of. I learned a lot, and I think I impressed them.

Well, January came... and my carpool buddy and friend, Bethany, got laid off. It was so sad. I really liked her. Rachel Ward got laid off, and my sister in law, Rachel Evans, also got laid off. 2 other people left, but I think that was voluntary.

After Bethany was laid off, Dana called me into his office and wanted to make sure that I wasn't upset about it. I told him it was sad, but I understood, and that I bet it was really hard for him to have to do that to her. We talked for a bit, and then he told me how Donni (my other boss) isn't going to be coming into the office as much, and they want me to do more HR stuff, and he would "adjust my pay accordingly."

So these months have paid off. I still have a job. I know more things in my job, and I might be getting a promotion here in these next couple of months.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hair Dye Tricks...and other things...

I heard somewhere...probably Cosmopolitan magazine, that after you get your hair dyed, it's best to not wash it for 3 or 4 days afterward.

So, today is hat day for me, and tomorrow probably will be too. My hair is nasty. You know how when you wash your hair for the first time after getting it colored, all that dye runs down the drain? Yeah... I think that leftover dye makes my hair greasier than just normal head grease. I cannot wait to wash my hair, but I want this dark red brown to last longer, hence, the hat.

What's for lunch today? Spaghetti. And no, it's not moldy. Thank goodness!

I went to the Jazz game last night. Even though we have season tickets, I haven't been to a game since the vs. Orlando game back in the middle of December. Partly because of the 5 game road trip they had, but also because I don't like going to them during the week. We don't get home until 11, and I wake up at 5, and 6 hours of sleep just is NOT enough for me. I am so looking forward to a nap when I get home today. BUt yeah, so between last night's game, and the game Dec 13 against Orlando, all the games were on weekdays. Except one where we decided to go to Tucanos instead because it was really stormy outside.

Tucanos! I freaking love that place. Hands down, my favorite restaurant of all time. I've been there a total of 4 times now. Go me, right? W00t! This most recent time, I discovered that the salad festival has a cold side and a hot side. Yea, I had no idea there were 2 sides. I'd only seen the cold side. How awesome is that? Not that I go there to eat from the salad bar.... bring on the beef! Oh and pineappe. Gotta have that!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ramblings of a Bored Lady

Have you ever wanted to write a blog, but didn't really have anything to write about?

Heck, I could write about what I'm doing right now, I guess. I'm just finishing up my lunch, actually. It started out delicious with cauliflower, carrots and a ranch dip, and some salsa. Carrots in salsa is good! I was alternating dipping the carrots in ranch and then in salsa, so on and so forth. Then I'd eat some cauliflower in the ranch. I was going to try cauliflower in salsa but... then I realized that the cauliflower was moldy...and that ruined that real fast. The carrots are fine... but every once in a while, oh say one in three carrots, would taste rancid. I don't know what's up with that. So, I broke out my back-up lunch of Ritz crackers. Lucky my salsa isn't going rotten. Ritz 'n Salsa. MmmMmmMm! Seriously, they taste super good together. You've gotta try it! And I have water. Water... so perfect, so refreshing, so pure.

This week has been interesting thus far. Lance's car decided to die this weekend, so Lance had a co-worker take him to work on Monday and I picked him up, and I drove him to work on Tuesday and a co-worker took him home. Lance feels so bad making people go out of their way, but what he doesn't realize is that people are happy to do it, because we love him. Yes we do!

So it's been snowing like craz-ay this week. Icky icky poo poo. The only thing worse than snow is driving in snow. I take that back. The only thing worse than snow, is OTHER people driving in snow. I'm telling you, most of the accidents on ice are caused by people that don't know what the heck they are doing, so they go 30mph (or slower) and if their gap of .5 mile between the car in front of them gets slightly smaller they slam on their brakes. Oh yes, it's not a tap on the brakes, it is a full blown SLAM. This sudden braking, either causes them to slide (dun dun dun) or causes the person behind them (who is 6 car lengths behind them) to suddenly brake as well, and slide into them, or into the next lane, or into the median, etc etc.

There are a couple of extremes in snow driving.
One is the person I described above who drives super slow and leaves tons of space, and hits the brake any chance they can. Bad idea.
The other is the person who drives 60-70mph, tailgates, and gets mad the the people driving slow, and slams on their brakes. Usually this person is in a truck or other SUV. Come on, you all know it's true!

What's the thing in common with the 2 above? Brakes. Slamming on your brakes is never a good idea. So just don't do it. That's all I have to say about that.

I got my hair did last night. It's pretty hawt. It's dark, dark, dark red-brown, and blonde. I like it a lot. And the blonde isn't gross dull blonde, it's super sparkly. It looks like glitter in the sun. It's amazing! Maybe I'll post a picture later on. ☺

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Exciting Vacations!

I have a bunch of vacations coming up that I am so excited about!

First off, my company is paying for us to go to this First Steps to Success seminar in St. Louis Missouri. We are staying at the Hilton there. It is optional so unfortunately, my company is not paying for the flight or the hotel, but that's ok, it's surprisingly affordable! What they are paying for is our fee to get into the seminar, which is about $200 dollars. So I am more than grateful that they are paying for that. Heck, maybe I'll come away with this with the motivation and capability to become a millionare (I wouldn't be the first person to be able to do that after going to this thingy...). Anyway, I'm going with Rachel Ward, an old friend from high school who I got re-united with when she came to work with me temporarily. She's a lot of fun, and I'm excited to go on a little girls' trip.

Speaking of girls' trips, I'm going on another one for my 21st birthday with Sierra and maybe Cassie. I'm sooo excited! We are going to Vegas. Woot woot! We've been looking at hotels, and I found a couple that I really like, it just depends on how much Cassie and Sierra are okay with spending. :)

I've been to Vegas many, many, many times before. My family used to go twice a year... and since Lance and I got married we've been about 4 times. So it's not a new place to me. I know my way around, I know what a good price on a hotel is, I know what things there are to do for people that aren't 21 that are still totally fun (Chocolate Factory anyone?). But everytime I tell someone about it, they become this know-it-all... and it really bothers me.

Anyway, on our somewhat itinerary that is still up in the air, we have:
Marriage Can Be Murder - this is atotally awesome murder mystery dinner that we want to go to. It's about $50 a person, and you get a 5 course dinner, and you get to basically participate in a murder mystery thing. If any of you have gone to Murder Mystery party it's similar to that, but with real actors, and you don't know who the actors are, and who regular people just like you are. I think it will be totally fun!

We definitely have to make stops at Coke World and M&M World.

I want to go to the Playboy Club and play some blackjack, but we'll see if Sierra is up to that one. She doesn't really know how to play. If not, I at least want to go to some club!

Definitely have to visit the Ethel M Chocolate Factory... free chocolate, hello I am so there!

There's lots of other things we'll do, but I'm done writing about them.

Last on my vacation list: another cruise! Woot woot! Lance and I are somewhat planning another cruise to go on. This time we want to go out of Miami, FL and go to the Bahamas. We'll see though. That one is just an idea right now, but if we go we'll go in May.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Lucky Sevens

I decided that I should probably explain our user name"LuckySevens" and blog title "Lucky in Love."

Some of you might have guessed, some not even noticed the blog title, or heck, maybe you don't care! But whatev's.

Lance and I started dating back in July of 2002. July 7, 2002 was our first kiss (and the day he asked me to be his girlfriend). We dated on and off (but mostly on) for 5 years! We realized that we should get married in October of 2006. But, my brother had recently left on a mission, so we didn't really want to say anything or make it official, because I wanted Eric there. But, as many people know it's hard to make it to the temple if you're kinda engaged but not really, for an extended amount of time. So Lance proposed in December. We wanted our anniversary to be the same date it was already on, July 7th. So that was the date we planned for. Thus, we got married on the day that many, many other people did, July 7, 2007 (or 7/7/07).

In order to make the connection further: 7-7-7 on a slot machine means very good things for you! Hence: Lucky Sevens. And Lucky in Love... well... it's just a cheesy title that has to do with our 7's luck, and we're in love, so, Lucky in Love.