Monday, June 30, 2008

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July is such an exciting month for us!
We found a townhome we really liked, and made an offer.  We were pre-approved for a townhome that was more expensive, so we're 95% sure we'll get this without a problem.  It's in Provo, and it fits us so perfectly!  We have a good-sized, fenced back yard, with a b-ball court back there!  There's also a fireplace (no, not in the backyard... but in the house), and a room with a loft and bay window seat.  It's so perfect.  It's better than anything I ever imagined our first place to be... especially with today's prices!  We should be moved in by the middle of August, by the latest, because the current owners are moving then.
Our 1 year anniversary is next Monday!  This year has gone by so fast for us.  We've had some challenges to get through, but we're still going strong.  The biggest challenge was fitting all my clothes and shoes in the tiniest bedroom known to mankind for the first 6 months of our marriage.  :-)  Don't ever try that... seriously...  We're lucky we love each other so much, or we may not have made it through that.
This Saturday night we are staying at the Anniversary Inn on South Temple.  We've reserved the Mysteries of Egypt room.  So excited!  It looks way rad!
Also for our anniversary, I stole my cousin, Sundy's amazing photographer.  And we're getting "family" portraits done.  We don't have a big family yet, but hey... it's a good yearly tradition to start.  I LOVE this photographer's work.  Check her out!  So excited about that too!
We're also planning a Disneyland trip for the end of July.  Yes, we just barely went in May... but hey, Disneyland rules!!!!  I got the time off from work already, but we may or may not go still.  Lance's mom had surgery on her throat area, because she had some cancer in there.  They couldn't get all of it, so she has to do radiation.  And we're not sure exactly when that will be.  But!  They went and checked her recently, and what they couldn't get, was gone.  It was like it had healed itself.  When does that happen?  Never.  The church is true, guys.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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I know I've done this before, but I would like to do it again.
I'm going to say some things here that I would like to say to some people, but that I could never get the guts to say to their faces... so here goes.
1.  We used to be good friends, best friends in fact.  I used to feel like I could call you for anything, anytime.  Now I feel like I can't call you at all.  We haven't even hung out in over a year.  What's up with that?  I used to try to keep contact, but you wouldn't ever text or call back, so I gave up.
2.  I'll never forget the time a couple years ago, when I was in a deep depression and one night I had a severe anxiety attack and you were there for me.  You told me that we should go on a walk together.  You hugged me... I don't think we had ever hugged before.  I'm not a huggy person... but that was something I needed at that time.  I just want to say thanks... and I'm glad to know that you're there for me, no matter what.
3.  I want to apologize to you for how I've treated you.  To your face I'm pretty nice(ish) but I talk really bad trash behind your back.  I need to stop doing that.  You seem get all awkward when I'm around.  I don't know if I intimidate you, or what, but I wish you wouldn't be all awkward.  I don't want to make you feel how you feel around someone else we both know...
That's all for now… if I think of more, I'll add it. 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

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is harder than I thought it would be.
We've seen a lot of cute places!  One we liked enough that we went to apply for the home loan.  We totally got approved, no problem.  But the payments were pretty high.  We've gotten used to our lavish lifestyle of buying whatever we want to whenever we want to, going on mini-vacations whenenver we feel like it, etc.  I don't know if I can give all that up.... so the hunt continues.  We've got a few more places on our list to go check out.  Hopefully we'll have a decision by the end of the week.
The hunt continues.....

Friday, June 6, 2008

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My evil plan worked!
I asked Sierra to watch episode 1, from season 1 of One Tree Hill.
She grudgingly agreed.
After it was over, I asked her what she thought.
"I'm annoyingly intrigued," she replied.
So we watched episode 2 as well.
She won't come out and admit it... but she wants to watch more, I know.
No one can deny the power of episode 1!  No one!
Well, at least I haven't found anyone yet.  :-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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I have a really hard time complimenting other people.  Well... mostly women.  I have a hard time complimenting other girls.
Especially girls who are beautiful, and have lots of money, always nabbed the man they went after, etc etc.  The kind of people who get compliments from everyone...
So if I ever compliment you... whether or not you feel you fit the description above, it is a BIG deal to me.  It was probably very hard for me to say whateer I said.
And I wouldn't ever give a fake compliment.  If I said it, I meant it.  And it probably killed me inside to compliment you too.
Don't hate me for my confession.