Thursday, August 2, 2007

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I guess since I haven't written since before the wedding I should give a little update...
The wedding went well.  Just made all my pics available for everyone to see!  Most of the pics from our photographer were way too large (super high quality), so I had to shrink them down, and I guess I shrunk them down too much, 'cause now the quality isn't that good at all.  But oh well...take a look.  It was a great day!
A great day until we had to leave the reception, that is.  There was a HUGE fire down near Fillmore, and they had the freeway closed for 93 miles.  Well, we were supposed to stay in Fillmore, but the freeway was closed 20 miles before fillmore and 73 miles after Fillmore.  But we didnt' know this until taking a 100 mile detour.  We ended up staying in Richfield, along with everybody else who was tryingn to get through the closed freeway.  As you can imagine, all the hotels were full and the only thing available was in a cheap banger motel, and it was a smoking room.  Loveley wedding night, huh?
The honeymoon was SWEET!  Except for the fact that I was "sick" the whole time.  Ok, so I really wasn't sick, but the truth is kinda feminine TMI so we'll leave it at sick...  We went on a cruise (if you couldn't tell from the photos) to San Diego, Catilina Island and Ensenada, Mexico.  We ported out of Los Angeles, so on the way down there we spend a night in Vegas at the Luxor hotel.  That's the pyramid hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.  That was a super nice hotel!  The cruise was fun, had a lot of amazing food and good activities, and super sweet sites to see.  On the way home we spent 2 days in Las Vegas again.  We had so much fun!
Currently we are living in the smallest room of Lance's sister, Laura's house with her family.  They've been working on finishing the basement for us... but didn't really get started until a couple weeks before the wedding...  So here we are, crammed in a tiny space.  At least we're together though... that's all that counts!  The basement is slowly making progress...