Sunday, August 14, 2016

Well-Seasoned Flyer

I've been wanting to blog, but there is so much to cover I feel overwhelmed at this point.

I suppose I'll start where I left off.

Me and Lily flew to Utah on the first week of June.  We left Daddy in Kissimmee for nearly seven weeks.

We did it this way because if I went to one more doctor's appointment at my previous doctor's, I would have to pay for all of the prenatal care AND the delivery fees.  What?  Yeah.  So, Lily and I came to Utah early so I could find a new doctor and hopefully save some money in prenatal care.

Also, Lance's work bonus was at the end of June.

At this point in our lives, we've flown so much that Lily is an expert flyer. She knows just what to do and how to act, and I've learned how to keep her entertained.  I enjoy flying with my little friend.

Lily drinking a smoothie at the Orlando airport.

My Little Pony + stickers = hours of entertainment.

Zonked out.

We landed in Utah around 1am Orlando time. She was pretty tired.

I don't think the future will bring as much flying as the past did.  We no longer will be flying to Utah two to three times a year.

Tonight Lily's prayer was something like:

"I don't like this house. I want to go to the beach, but I can't go to the beach. I need to get on an airplane. Get on an airplane soon."

I love how she talks to her Heavenly Father. She just tells Him what's up.

She has said a few times that we need to "go home," but I don't think she's unhappy.  I think she's enjoying it here.  She just misses going to the pool and the beach and Disney all the time.  But at least now she has cousins close by to play with, and a mommy that is awake during the day.   ...Even if I am extremely pregnant and not super active.

We'll get there.