Wednesday, December 23, 2015

From Fall to Now

So, I've been gone for a minute.  If you didn't notice, then that's cool. But welcome back! XD

I've had a few crazy busy months.  I overbooked myself on Jamberry parties (Did you know I was consultant? Now you do.), my "real" job has been busy, and I've been doing my best to balance work and family. Cooking, cleaning, and laundry are another story.

Priorities, people.  I have mine straight, I can assure you.

So, let's see...   I got a visit from my friend Betty!!!!!  It was so much fun to be able to show her our life here and to go have fun at Disney.

Betty and Me near Japan at EPCOT
Betty came during the best part of the year: The Food and Wine Festival!!! It's my most favorite thing, ever. We ate our way around EPCOT... and got rained on twice. So it was a good time. :)

Lily wanted her picture taken in front of the fountains.

Going on a safari!

Meeting Meeko!

Me and Pocah, my new BFF.

I also FINALLY found a new hairdresser!  And the next time I went to make an appointment with her at the salon where she worked, they told me she quit.

Oh joy.

But I've still been going to the same salon, but the new person I have cutting my hair still doesn't get it quite right.  So, I did get ONE decent haircut while out here!

This photo was taken after I took a nap. Woo!

I put Lily in some tumbling classes. I still can't decide if I want her in tumbling or dancing. Either way, it's good for her to be in some kind of structured class,

Her teacher, Miss Jenn, is helping her do some "inchworms." Check out how strong she looks doing that (crooked) plank!

We went to our ward Trunk Or Treat. Lance and I didn't dress up this year, and Lily's "costume" was a total cop out. But she still had fun.  I told her to say "thank you" really loudly, so she basically shouted it in people's faces after they gave her candy. It was magnificent.

My little family went to visit my little brother's little family for a quick weekend trip. We went to Washington DC and Philadelphia and it was awesome!

Lance and Lily playing around at the Lincoln Memorial

I didn't take very many photos. Story of my life.

Then about a week later, Jared and his family came to visit us for Thanksgiving!

They introduced me to Firehouse Subs. Delicious!

We went to the beach. The water was warmer than the air! And Aaron loved  playing in the sand!

Lily had way too much fun.

We also went to the park and played around.

Then a couple weeks later I went to Utah for my company's Christmas party!  Lance's work wouldn't give him the time off, so Lily and I went by ourselves.

The flight went MUCH BETTER than last time I flew alone with Lily.

Ready to rock!

She is the cutest flyer, ever!

She fell asleep on me! ♥

This is how sad and lonely Lance was while we were gone. ;-)

I experienced this weird Mormon bar.  Just kidding. I had heard of Swig, but not Sodalicious. I'm still craving the Southern Gentleman. It's Dr. Pepper, vanilla, and peach! MMMMMM!!!

Lily had SO MUCH FUN playing with her cousins, and Carita.

Look at this cutie! Taking selfies with my camera. What a stud. And of course there's Jessica with an instrument. I LOVE how there is always live music at my parents' house!

Three cheese balls.

Mabel is such a cutie!

On the flight home, Lily was entertained with stickers for nearly three hours. It was glorious.

After I got home, we started our family Christmas festivities.  We have started some traditions here where we go see the "snoap" in Celebration, and the lights on Jeater Bend, which, by the way, was on ABC's Christmas Light Fight this year!  They didn't win.  But it was cool to say, "Hey, they're in my ward!"  and "I know them!"  and "Hey, that person gave Lily an LED balloon when we were there!"

Catching snoap

I love how amazed she is by it.

And then this past weekend we went to the lights at Hollywood Studios. This is the last year they'll be doing them, and it makes me so sad.  They are truly gorgeous to behold. The photos below are just a fraction of how much they really do. And they are all linked up to music. And it snows. It is magical.

The reason for the season!

So that is what we've been up to for the past few months.  We're about to head out on another trip. This time to VEGAS and this time it's all three of us.  I'm so excited! My sister, Emilee, is getting married there. And I plan to take complete advantage of being in Vegas. I love that city so much!

Merry Christmas!!