Saturday, July 30, 2011

Look Forward With Faith

I'm two chapters away from being done with 2 Nephi.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Still boycotting Facebook.  Well, sort of.  I got on and looked at some status updates, then un-friended a couple of people who were especially annoying with their updates.

"Where are all the cute girls at?"  Pah-lease.

My family might be moving to North Carolina.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  It's not really reality for me at this point.  My dad got a great job offer from a company in Raleigh that would be more than what he and my mom make right now, combined.  Also, the cost of living in Raleigh is 3% lower than Salt Lake.  So the math adds up.

My dad went to his current company and told them about his offer and asked for more money to stay here.  They being the wonderful company that they are, said something to the effect of, "We don't think it will work out for you in North Carolina, so when you come back you can have your job back."  No more money.  Nothing.  My dad said he'd give them his final decision on Monday.

I guess it's good to know they might take him back if it really doesn't work out.  But would you want to come back?  I guess this is a lesson in pride.  Do you stick it out in Utah where your family is?  Do you really need more money?  Do you want to move across the country?  Will this be better for your family?

 I can tell you it won't be better for me.  Except around the holidays, maybe.  Every holiday is a struggle for Lance and me because we have to argue about whose family to spend most of the day with.  If my family moves, I guess Lance's family will get us for every holiday besides one per year, probably Thanksgiving or Christmas.  It's my family's turn for Christmas this year... but I'm afraid that since it's not a big election year for my company, my bonus won't be as large as it is during the even-numbered years, therefore, plane tickets and presents might be hard to purchase.  It's sad to think about.  No one wants to be without their family around the holidays.

My parents don't really call me much.  They don't really come over to my house much either.  If they move, will I ever talk to them?  Will they ever come to Utah for visits?  I'm not very optimistic about it.  But maybe the distance will make them realize it more.  Maybe when I don't randomly drop by during the week, they'll realize that they do miss me.

If this is the right thing for them, then I suppose it will all work out for the better.

Do what is right, be faithful and fearless.  God will protect you.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Facebook Rant

I finally finished 1 Nephi last week.  I'm proud of myself.  I read in the car to and from work, so I get in about 4-5 chapters each day.  Then on the weekends I fail.  But, I'm sticking to it better than I ever have in my life.

I noticed that several times Nephi states that he only writes things of importance.  I wonder if that was hard for him.  I wonder if he ever wanted to complain about something.

I also wish people would post to Facebook things of importance.  Can you imagine how awesome that would be?  No more people trying to be the first to post about a story.  No more people posting multiple times per day. No more stupid posts!

Can you tell I'm sick of Facebook?  I am.  I'm over it.  I'm going on strike.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old and Boring

That's me.

I got another spray tan today.  Beaches' Mystic Tan is by one get one free, so 2 for $24 right now.  Good price!  The trick to the Mystic is... to listen to the employees at the salon.  They know what they're talking about, usually.  I have really fair skin.  Fair, freckly, skin.  How do I not look orange?  Skip the bronzer.  Also, if you have a sunless tanning lotion from last year, you should throw it away instead of use it.  Old lotions are more likely to turn you orange.  It also helps to do a gradual tan.  If you're fair you don't want to pick the darkest color.

Anyway, that's enough of that.

My girls are sitting next to me.  I love them.  They are so sweet. They make me so happy.

Oh!  Big changes at work.  Carrie quit.  Who is Carrie?  She was referred to by Dana as the day time manager, but I never really thought of her as that.  Nothing against her, but Dana is the owner of the company, he called the shots, she didn't really manage anything.  When she did try to manage me, it upset me because I was already doing or about to do what she would tell me.  Maybe I'm too prideful, but, seriously it bugged me.  So what does her quitting mean for me?  Nothing.  Ok, so not really nothing.  Donni offered me Carrie's position.  Really all that would entail that I'm not currently doing is going to work at 6am and leaving at 3pm.  That doesn't work for me because Lance and I still have just one car, so our work schedules need to match.  Lance can't leave work before 5:15 usually, so even if I did come in at 6am, I'd stay until 5:30pm.  I'm not a big fan of long shifts.  I'll stick to my four 9-hour shifts and one 4-hour shift.

Before Carrie quit, I had my review at work.  The bosses gave me options on what direction to take in the company.  I could have chosen: A: Admin Assistant direction.  B: Data Processing direction. C: Checking Manager position.  Previously, I had been doing all three, and when they sent me the form to fill out for the review I told them my concerns about how much work I was doing and how much stress it was causing.  I chose options A and B.  Goodbye checking management.  Good riddance too.  I'm SO over it.  It got to the point where I would get frustrated seeing an edit I had previously pointed out to someone.  I have completely lost my patience for it.  I feel/felt like, "I have to be perfect, so why the freak can't anyone else?!?!"  Just like that.

Since Carrie quit, that threw a wrench in that process.  Now instead of just having to hire a checker, they need to figure out if we can cover Carrie's spot with the number of people we have, or if we need a person to cover her.  However, we need a new checker either way.  It's getting to be too much on my own.  I still curse Rachel for quitting.  That stinker.

Anyway, that's work.  That's all I do.  I'm old and boring.

But Thursday...  maybe I won't be old and boring.  :-D

Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh, Hello

I got a spray tan today.  That was fun.  I like being tan. My friend, Vhanessa is doing full body spray tans for $20 during her grand opening. If you want one, let me know and I'll get you her info!

Tomorrow my family is having a barbecue, and I'm making the burgers.  Usually we use the frozen kinds, but I wanted to try something different.  I hope they taste good.  I also want to attempt to make Carol's (Lance's mom's) potato salad.  It is the best salad ever!!!  The potato to pickle to egg to dressing ratio is absolutely perfect every single time.  She is amazing.  I'd also like to make deviled eggs.  Those are just things you have to have at barbecues.

On Sunday the lesson is about missionary work.  The lesson suggests writing to a missionary.  I think Jared would enjoy some pictures and notes from random 4-to-5 year old strangers, don't you?  I'm debating on including a picture of the class.  Might be fun.