Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Women's Expo

I chickened out on posting before and after pics, if you didn't notice.  I had a four pack for a couple of days but since I stopped working out I think it went away.  Maybe it's just all in my head, who knows.  Anyway, the past three weeks I've just been randomly doing a video when I can drag my bum out of bed at 6am.  I've lost my drive.  Last week I was determined to start it up again, but after three days of working out and the soreness starting all over again, but in different places this time, I uh... stopped.  But, my alarm is officially set for me to wake up at 6am tomorrow.  So why am I blogging and not sleeping?  I dunno.  I'm retarded.

I went to the Women's Expo at UVU on Saturday.  It was awesome!  I went with Lolly.  I love her!  We had a lot of fun.  We got our makeup done by Marinello students, and I got a custom airbrush spray tan for $25!  That's a steal of a deal, since the Mystic tan is about the same price, but the Mystic doesn't look as natural.  After I got my spray tan they took my picture.  So if she posts that on her blog I'll use that as my Insanity "after".  Maybe it will make me look leaner than I really am.  Hahaha.

Bentley is all better... but she still looks kinda fat to me.  It's ok though, I still love her.

I've been watching Dancing With the Stars this season.  This is actually only my second season of watching the show...  and I love it.  I am completely hooked!  My favorite is Chad Ochocinco.  He's not the greatest dancer, but he's my favorite to watch.  He's so flirty and I love it!  Pretty sure that Nicole is going to win.  Whatever.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I love brownies!  Especially when they are gooey and warm.  Oooh! And when they have candy bar chunks, or chocolate pieces in them, and even when they are iced with a cream cheese icing.  Mmm Mm good!

Saturday night we invited Kate and Eric over to watch the Jazz game (they lost, boo).  Kate was so nice and made some brownies and brought them with some ice cream.  We put them on the table and went downstairs to watch the game.

About half hour later Bentley joined us, looking rather guilty,

...and fat,

...and smelling like brownies.

I went upstairs to see the damage and 3/4 (if not more) of the entire 9X13 pan of brownies was gone.  She had chowed down!  I thought it was funny for almost maybe a second until I remembered that chocolate is poison to dogs.

A couple of weeks ago Bentley found a whole bunch of pasta at my mom's house.  That time you could tell she was not feeling well at all.  She was breathing funny and wincing like she was in pain.  She threw up two times and was back to her normal self.

This time she threw up over 25 times throughout the night and the next morning.  I called my vet's after hours center at about 12:30am, freaking out and crying (I feel sorry for the lady on the phone).  I explained to the lady what happened and she told me to not let Bentley eat or drink anything to let her tummy rest and that they'd be open all weekend if I decided to come in.  By this time Bentley was no longer throwing up brownies, she was throwing up food she had eaten earlier, and the water I'd been trying to give her so that she wouldn't get dehydrated.  I figured that since the chocolate was out of her system that maybe the throwing up would stop if I stopped giving her water.  So I went to bed.

Bentley thew up all throughout the night.  Neither Lance or I got any sleep, and we had to wash two comforters.

We finally took her to the vet at 10:00 Sunday morning.

Two hours and 500 dollars after that, we left.  Bentley had to get a blood test, a heart monitor, a few medicines (three of which she has to be on for the next week), and some liquids that they put under her skin with the hopes that her body would absorb it to help with her dehydration.  The vet said that Bentley is lucky to be alive.

She's still not quite back to her normal self, but she's a lot better than she was Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I love my Bentley so very, very much.  I honestly don't know how I would have acted if I lost her.  She is so important and special to me.  I consider her my best friend.  She's always so happy to see me, she is a very good listener (even if she has no clue what the heck I'm saying to her), and she is extremely obedient.

What I have learned from this experience is to never have children.  I'd be an awful mother.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Insanity Fit Test

The first Insanity workout I did was the Fit Test.  Basically you do a quick warm up and then you go through each move.  He shows you how to do it, and then you have one minute to do as many repetitions as you can.  So... below shows how many of each move I could do in one minute on the first day and on the last day.  Woot woot!

Switch Kicks (2 kicks = 1 rep):
First Day: 49     Last Day: 72

Power Jacks:
First Day: 41     Last Day: 57

Power Knees:
First Day: 64     Last Day: 102

Power Jumps:
First Day: 17     Last Day: 42

Globe Jumps (four jumps = 1 rep):
First Day: 5     Last Day: 10

Suicide Jumps:
First Day: 9     Last Day: 15

Push-Up Jacks:
First Day: 3     Last Day: 17

Low Plank Oblique:
First Day: 33     Last Day: 55

I'm very pleased.  :-)

Monday, April 5, 2010


Hey dudes,

My company moved and I've been training my assistant so I haven't really had time to write an update.  But here you go:

I finished Insanity!  I'll post my before and after stuffs...eventually.

My friend Tenille is prego!  Growing up is so weird.

Eric and Kate find out their baby's gender on Wednesday.  I'm saying it's a boy.

I have a cranberry sesame honey ginger glazed pork roast (I forget the real name...) in the crock pot and boy oh boy am I excited for dinner tonight!

Two more home games for the Jazz!  Let's get 2nd or 3rd seed....  yep yep.  I'm stoked for the playoffs!