Friday, October 31, 2008

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So last night's season opener game for the Jazz was awesome!  They turned the lights of for player introductions, and they haven't done that before.  They had to re-do all the lights in the arena to do it too, it was rad.  Crazy tidbit of informatino for ya: Deron Williams asked them to do that.  Shows ya how much Utah loves Deron!  Anyway, they gave us all glowsticks, so when the lights went off it was all glowy and just rad in the arena.
So I was getting kind of down about the Twilight movie.  I had nobody to go with, and everyone already had people to go with, and they weren't inviting me (I know, boohoo right?  But still... ).  But then the other day my sister in law, Laura invited me to go with her.  So I was really happy about that.  I know Lance doesn't want to see it, so it was looking like I wasn't going to see the movie at all.  So yeah, we're going Thursday night (technically Friday 12am).  She got my ticket for me, because she's such a nice person.  Thanks Laura!  I'll pay her back when I see her.  It's good to know I have a friend, eh?
I can already tell the tone of this blog has gone sour, so why save it now?  Do you ever feel like you're doing your best to make up for how you've been in the past, but nobody seems to give a crap?  No?  Well good for you.  I can name... hmm... 5 people that are kind of getting on my nerves for different yet slightly related things.  I'm tired of trying, and I want to say to Hell with all of it.  They're all selfish.  But then again, am I being selfish for saying they're selfish?  I dunno.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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The tailgate party went well!  If I can say so myself, I had some good food there.  And Tenille and Brandon brought some delicious desserts.  Best of all BYU won!  It would be a lie if I said I watched the game.  I probably paid attention to maybe 2 plays the entire game.  Next time I'll try to pay attention better.  Next time = BYU vs U of U.  Oh yeah!  I'm gonna invite fans for both teams and it will be awesome!
Lance and I went to the Jazz autograph party last night and got everyone's signature!  Last year we missed Deron, Boozer, Korver, and Memo... but we got 'em all this year.  PS: Kyle Korver and Mehmet Okur are way hotter up close and in person than they are from far away, or on TV, just so you know...  The nicest players were Boozer (he reminds me of Weston, totally... they could be brothers, except that Booze is black....) and Kirilenko.  Nobody was a jerk this time, so that's good.  We had them sign this mini b-ball hoop that we will put over one of our doors downstairs, and most of the players were like "I had one of those"  and I told them that Lance likes to play with it while he watches them play.  Lol... it always made them laugh.  It was great.
So Lance got offered this really great job within his current company.  It's a move up, and over a $3 raise per hour.  It sounds really great and all, until you find out it's swing shift.  Swing shift = not seeing eachother, him not going to Jazz games.  We've talked about it and prayed about it, and now it's up to Lance.  He's supposed to make his decision today, and I told him I would support him whichever way he goes.  I flat out told him I wanted him to turn it down though.  We have plenty of money as it is, and it's not worth being on opposite schedules (again).  But, if he feels he should take it, then I guess he should.  Hopefully we'll eventually be able to get back on the same schedule again.  But if not, then I guess I just had a lot of free time open up.  Anybody want to hang?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

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...I started watching this new show called A Real Chance at Love.  Yeah yeah...another one of those "lame" match-making shows that I always am a sucker for.  But this one is way cool!  It's kind of from a chain of reality shows.  It started with Flavor of Love, and a girl named New York was on there.  She didn't win, so she got her own show called I Love New York.  And on I Love New York, Chance and Real were on there and neither of them won.  Then they made a show called I Love Money with 17 or so people from match-making shows (Rock of Love 1 and 2, Flavor of Love 1, 2 and 3, and I Love New York).  I REALLY liked I Love Money.  It's similar to Survivor.  Anywho, Real and Chance were on I Love Money and they didn't win, but Real fell in love with Hoopz, but she kind of rejected him.  So now Real and Chance have their own show called a Real Chance at Love.  The reason I like this show is because Real and Chance are so funny!  Chance reminds me of Dave Chappel.  So funny!  Random, I know...
...I've done Wii Fit every day since Saturday!  I feel great.  Exercise does amazing things to people. I gained weight before I started losing weight.  Is that normal? So right now I'm back at the weight I started at a week ago.  Hopefully it keeps going down.  But, if it doesn't go down, that's ok, as long as I'm getting toned.
...I've tried cleaning my house every day.  But it's hard to keep it perfect when you're living there too!  It seems like there's always laundry to do, and always dishes to wash, and kitty likes to track her litter all over.  What a pain.
...I have a tailgate party.  It's tomorrow for the BYU vs UNLV game.  Originally it was only going to be a family thing, but I felt like inviting Sierra and Tenille and her hubby Brandon.  I was kind of hesitant, because I don't know if Tenille and Brandon like me much, but they accepted, so that's cool!  When Tenille and I lived together, I wasn't very nice.  Now I regret it, because we could have been great friends.  I wish we were great friends, that's something I need more of.  I enjoy reading her blogs... I love how she can make something simple sound so amazing.  It's a blessing to be that optimistic about things.  It makes me feel like I take things for granted; simple things like going to dinner with Lance, or going for a drive, or even spending time in the backyard shooting hoops.  Reading her blog reminds me to always notice the small things in life and to be happy about them!  There's always so much in life to get down about, so if I focus on the positive things, no matter how small or non-important they may seem, I'll generally always be happier, like she is.  Or at least she seems to be.  :-)
...My check on Wednesday had 103 hours on it.  23 of the hours were overtime (14 week 1, and 9 week 2).  That's crazy!  No wonder I'm so tired!  Good thing today is Friday, right?
My co-worker Carrie and I have this thing where we call Thursday "New Friday."  I used to not work on Fridays, so Thursday would be my Friday.  But now that I come in on Fridays, I still call Thursday "New Friday" because it keeps me happy.  Kind of a lame inside joke, I know.  But whatever keeps me going, right?  Wednesday and Thursday are the longest days of the week, so if you have Wednesday and New Friday, it doesn't seem so bad!
That's enough for today.  ☺

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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Lance and I went to the mall on Saturday to get him the new NBA 2K9 game, and when we went into Gamestop, Wii Fit was there!  I was so excited because we've been looking for it for 3 months now!  I couldn't wait to get home and try it.
When we got home, we both did our initial "Body Test" and found out we have normal BMI's but the game makes you make a goal.  My goal was to lose 10 lbs, and Lance just wants to lose 3.
After the first day of working out with it, my body was so freaking sore!  It kicked my butt.  It's seriously the coolest game ever.  It's like having a personal trainer in your home at your convenience.  (Mine is a male... ;-) ).  In the game they have Yoga, Strength (which is like pilates), Aerobic and Balance.  Yoga is my favorite... it feels so nice to stretch.
Hopefully I can reach my goal of being 10lbs lighter!  We'll see!