Saturday, October 31, 2009

Carlotta Sassine aka "Torchy"

My lovely sister in law, Laura hosted a murder mystery party last night.  It was a lot of fun.  We did a 1920's Chicago themed one, so I got all 20's up.

I planned to get off work at 2:00 so I would have plenty of time to do my hair and makeup, but... I didn't get off until 4:00, and only had an hour to shower, do my hair and my makeup.

I was pretty pleased with the way I turned out.

I tried to do a finger wave in my hair... then I roughly triple barreled the rest of it so it kinda flowed together.

Heavy makeup, since I was going for the "silent film" look....

Anyway, it was a fun night!  Lance went to the Jazz game, and took my dad, and I took my brother, Eric to the party.  I think he enjoyed it a lot.  He got pretty into it.  I felt really bad though, because we got back to my house at 1am, and he had to be at work at 7am.  So I hope he has time for a nap today before we go to Katie's Halloween party.

Seriously, I love my family!!  I am so happy my brother was there for me when I needed a "date" for this party.  I'm glad he came, and I'm glad he had a good time.

Unfortunately, I don't have any other pictures from the evening, but Laura does, so I'll steal them from her and put them on my Facebook.

Tonight, I am being a (modest and modified) Deal or No Deal girl!  I'm pretty pleased with myself.  I have a silver case, and I'm going to put the number 7 on it (of course because that's my lucky number).  I can't decide what amount of money to put in my case though.  I feel like everyone will expect the $1,000,000, so I'm thinking of doing the $0.01....   Hmm, we'll see.  I'll try to get pictures of how I turn out.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Soda Epiphany

I quite often open a new can of soda, take a few sips, then leave the rest of the soda on one of our end tables.

And today I had the nerve to chew Lance out for drinking 3-5 sodas a day.

Which is worse:  Drinking 1 soda a day and wasting most of it, or drinking 3-5 sodas a day?

I guess it depends on your values. 

Do you value a clean house?  A healthy body? Saving money?

I value all three.  So... here's the compromise (that I have not yet talked over with Lancee...):  We buy mini cans of soda for me, so I drink the whole thing.  And he cuts his soda back to two a day (he can still have the reg size).

Then we will have a clean house (because my cans won't be everywhere), be healthier (by not drinking so much soda), and we'll be saving money (by drinking less and wasting less).

Go team!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rabble! Rabble! Rabble!

Not a whole lot going on this week.

I went to Frightmares for Elise's birthday.  It was tons of fun!  I got her a Sweet 16 crown and matching sash to wear.  It was awesome!  16 is a big deal!!  Yay Elise!  I didn't do any of the haunted walk-throughs though.  Sad, huh?  The lines were pretty long.  Oh yeah, and I don't like to be scared. :)

The first pre-season Jazz game was last Thursday.  I was so excited!  It felt like it had been forever since I'd seen my boys play.  They did well.  It's pre-season, so it doesn't really matter, but... whatever.  I still had fun.  The people who have sat next to us the past 2 seasons, still sit next to us so that's pretty awesome too!

I told Lance that I want courtisde seats for Christmas.  So when we saw them on KSL for $750 we got super excited... until we realized that iwas $750 each, and not $750 for the pair... and that's for a pre-season game.  Regular season could be twice that much.  Lame.  Sounds life if I am ever going to sit there, we need to do a whole lotta saving.

I guess that's enough rambling.  Happy Tuesday!