Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aggggggh! Continued...

More on this breaking news story:

Spider graveyard underneath my desk.


Lance was looking for the huge creeper, which, by the way, we did NOT find, and found a bunch of dead spiders wrapped in spider web silk stuff under my desk.  We think the huge lurker is the culprit.

Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew!

The worst part is that this giant arachnid is still hiding in here somewhere!!!


The biggest, creepiest, crawliest spider (I'm totally not exaggerating. I've never seen one that big in my house before!) lurked its way down the wall behind my computer.  When I was about to hit it with a shoe, it jumped and fell.  Then I couldn't sit at my desk because I was so freaked out.  Then every time I felt a tickle, scratch, gust of wind, or anything else I would jump and freak out.  I'm still not sure I want to be sitting here.  If only Lance were here when the spider made its appearance!  EEEAK!  Now it will probably eat me in my sleep.

I was going to post this on FB, but it was too long. Who likes long posts?  Not me.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Independence Day

I got to see my entire family together for the first time in a year!  Three weeks ago, my mom and two of my sisters drove out from North Carolina to come stay here in Utah for two weeks.  It was good seeing my mom every day again.  But this time she wasn't as helpful as she was when I had just had Lily.  She kept trying to feed her sugar and candy.

"Mom!  She's three months old!"  I probably freaked out a little too much.  But when you've worked extremely hard at exclusively breast feeding, anyone who threatens that, or threatens a tummy ache, is in deep doo doo.

My dad flew out a week later.  Oh, my dad. I missed him so much.  He was excited to see Lily, so after I picked him up from the air port and drove him here, we went into Lily's room where she was sleeping. It was about midnight at the time.  He used the light on his phone to try to see her, and she opened her eyes.  It was kind of creepy because she was still asleep.  Just a little shocking!

The next morning I woke up, went to see my baby, and found my my dad trying to feed Lily one of the infant formula bottles we had gotten from the hospital. "What are you doing?!"  Turns out it was my mom's idea.  *sigh*  Once again my mom tried to sabotage all my hard breastfeeding work.

They probably think I'm so uptight.  Well, about my daughter's food and nutrition, I am uptight.  Like I said before, I've worked so hard to get to a good place in breastfeeding, and anyone who threatens to mess that up is in big trouble.

Elise flew out on July 3rd.  So on July fourth, my whole family was together for the whole day!  It was great.

I should have picked a different shirt, for myself and Lily!  Lily looked like a boy on the fourth.

There is actually a picture of red cherries on her shirt, so it makes it look a little more girly.  But oh well.

My family learned a new song together. Africa by Toto.  It sounds awesome.  I'd like to say that maybe I'll post a video of it here, but we all know how terrible I am at posting pictures and videos.

All too soon it was time for my parents and two youngest sisters to go back to North Carolina.  I can count on one hand the times I've see my dad cry, and the night before they left I got to add another digit.  It was really sad.  It's so hard to not know the next time you'll see your parents.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Rolling Baby

Well, here I am, sitting at the computer.  I look and feel like crap, but I have a cute baby squealing with joy behind me, so I guess life is good.

Lily rolls over, all the way. Back to tummy, tummy to back. She rolled across the room yesterday! It makes me sad. It's the beginning of the end of being a baby.

She had a doctor appointment last Friday.  Dr. Arnold says Lily is ahead of most babies. I bet doctors tell all moms that.  Lily seems normal to me. In fact, I thought she was behind.

She coos in syllables.   Her favorite being mumumum, or nanananana.

She reaches out and grabs for things and can hold them in her hands for a while.

And now she's fussy, so I guess I'm done.

Good day!

Monday, July 16, 2012


I haven't posted in a while... but here are some things I will post about when I get some free time. My entire family was together! We learned an a capella version of Africa by Toto. Lily rolls over! It's hard to get her to laugh, but Daddy can usually make it happen. She's like her mama that way. The scale hasn't budged in three weeks. Work is busy. It will get busier. Huge changes are going to be happening in our little family. I'm nervous and excited. I posted this from my Nook. I don't have time to sit at the comp unless I'm working.