Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bring It!

Month 1 of Insanity is COMPLETE!!  The workouts never got easier from day one.  I am just less sore than I was starting off, which is nice.  I like being a little sore because it makes me pay attention to the muscles that are working... kinda weird, I know.  But whatev's.

I haven't measured or weighed myself yet.  But I don't think I want to do that until after my "recovery week".  This week I do the same workout every day, then next Monday I will weigh myself, do the fit test, take measurements... but also on the scheudle is Max Interval Circuit.  So... It'll be at least 90 minutes of exercising next Monday...  Hello 5:30am!  I'm ready. Bring it.

I've noticed lately that I have muscles in places I've never noticed before.  It sounds weird... I mean, I knew I had muscles there, I just never noticed them.  These areas are my butt, my shoulders, and my ABS!  It feels gooooood.  I have tons more energy than I had a month ago.  My complexion is a lot better (probably because of all the water I'm drinking). My arms, legs and abs feel a lot tighter.  This could just be a mental thing though.  Overall, I feel great, and I feel like I look great.

Month two the workouts are each an hour long, when month one they were only 40 minutes.  They are all harder, too.  Supposedly they are the "hardest workouts ever put on DVD". 

Bring it on.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moving Up

After three and a half years of working for DataWise, I have now been officially moved to a full time employee.  With that comes salary, benefits, and PTO.  I'm also getting an assistant. :-) 

Hard work really does pay off. 

This is a huge change from a year ago.  I don't know if anyone remembers, but a year ago is when they cut my hours from 40 hours to no more than 35 a week.  So, this will be really good, and it comes at a perfect time, too.

2010 is starting to look pretty good if you ask me!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I didn't get up yesterday morning to workout, so I worked out in the evening.  It was different for sure.  I don't like it at all.  I think I'll stick with mornings.  Hence... why I'm here right now.  Just got done with another.  I think these ones were too close together though, so now I'm exhausted.

Completely cheated this past weekend on my "diet".  I had tons of DP.  The interesting thing about it is that you can feel a difference in your body during your workout when you eat right versus when you're not eating right. But, it was a holiday.  I'm gonna let it go.

I did my second Fit Test on Monday and I have improved a little on each of the exercises, so that's good.  I measured myself last night and I haven't really changed at all.  I weighed myself and I'm back where I started.  So who knows what's going on.  Maybe after two more weeks it will make more sense.

I get my hair done tonight! Finally!  I think my last one was in August or something.  Anyway, that's all that's going on, really.

Oh yeah, and Lance found a job.  It's through a temp agency so it's a pay cut, but when he gets hired on he'll be back up to what he was.  So that's good.  I'm being nonchalant about it because I don't know if he'll like it.  We'll see.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Almost Two Weeks

...since I started Insanity and I still haven't taken my before picture.  It's not even a before picture anymore, really.  I feel healthier but I'm not sure if I've lost anything yet.  I weighed myself on Monday and I had gained a pound.  I was disappointed, but like I mentioned in an earlier post I'm supposed to be gaining muscle, so being heavier is normal.  But if I keep gaining a pound a week I'm gonna be a muscle head, and look gross!! 

Anyway, I'm planning to take the picture on Sunday.  But just FYI, you lucky folks won't see it until after I'm done... IF (yes, IF) there's a difference.  I don't see how there could not be a difference... but still.  It would be embarassing to put up a before and after and they look the same.  Especially with how much I've been whining about how hard it is.

Yesterday I decided to committ to the nutrition plan a little better.  I cut out soda, most fast food, candy and I've started counting calories.  I used to mentally count them, but now it's on paper.  Yesterday I ate 1250.  Today so far I've eaten 160.  Not that you care... but yea.  They strongly urge you to not eat under 1300 calories.  I would have eaten over that yesterday, but work was really busy and I didn't have time for a real lunch.

I drink at least 40oz of water daily.  I know, I know.. it's not as much as you're supposed to be drinking.  It's hard to gag it down when you're not thirsty.  I drink 20oz during the workout, and then another 20oz throughout the rest of the day.  But uh... 40oz is A LOT better than how much I was drinking before.  I'm trying to get it where I drink 20oz before work, 20oz during work, then 20oz after work.  But, like I said, it's hard to gag it down when you're not thirsty.  I'll get there... hopefully.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Allergies, Endurance, and HOA

I have developed an allergy to eyeshadow.  I am very bummed out about it.  I love eyeshadow...  The brand that gives the worst reaction is Neutrogena.  Dermatologist recommended?  I don't think so.  Too bad their eyeshadows come in great colors and last all day, while being super affordable.  So that sucks.  The other brands I use, Covergirl, Avon and MAC, don't give me a bright red, stinging, itching rash like Neutrogena, but they do dry out my eyelids.  This allergy has been going on for a few months now.  I've changed my facial moisturizer brand, I've changed my eyelid primer brand, and I've even tried going without eyelid primer.  Nothing works.  So alas... no more eyeshadow.  Unless I can find a brand that won't dry out my eyelids.

My heart is in better shape now!  When I first started Insanity my heart would beat out of my chest before my body was ready to give up.  But now my body gives up long before my heart.  Hooray!  Now if they can just both last long enough to get through a workout, I'll be in good shape.  I'm very happy with myself today.  I didn't stop at all during the warmup.  Booyah!

Yesterday I skipped my workout, and I was NOT happy about it.  I got up at 5:50am and went into the bathroom to find that our water was shut off.  Um yeah, what the heck?  So I decided that it wasn't worth it to me to workout and be stinky all day without a shower.  So I think on Saturday I'm gong to double up on workouts so I won't be a day behind.  We'll see how that goes.

In case you're wondering, our water turned back on at about 9:30am.  I still don't know what was up with that.  Our HOA drives me nuts.  They give us late fees when we aren't even paying late.  Can I just stop using them?  Please?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wanna Hear a Secret?

It's hard work for me to sit and watch a football game for four hours.  Four hours?! Why are football games so stinking long, anyway?  Really, the only time I'll sit through an entire game is the Superbowl, and that's only so I won't be left out from the rest of the world.  Oh yeah, and the commercials are pretty good, too.  Oh, and I'll take any excuse for a party! :-)

So this year, I decided to go with the team whose quarterback had a name I didn't recognize.  Yeup, that means the Saints.  Guess I chose right, eh?  Last year I chose the Steelers because I love Polamalu and his hair.  Again, I chose right.

I admire the strength, agility, flexibility, quick thinking, and just the down right amazing physical condition of these guys.  Did you see the two point conversion where he was rolling in the air with his arms and legs extended?  That is HARD WORK!  It baffled me that he would be thinking about his field position AND be able to hold himself in a position like that. 

I do like football, I just think the games are too long.  Maybe I should just watch games starting from the beginning of the second half....

Insanity has football drills in it.  They are hard. (Yes, I had to mention my workout.  I'm sorry.  It's still hard!)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Power of Positivity

Alright ya'll... Pure Cardio, just finished.  Let me just say that it's a good thing I had no idea what I was getting into when I turned the video on this morning because it was insane, for sure!  During the warmup (which, still feels like a workout in itself), Shaun T said he was nervous for what was about to come.  And I thought, "Oh crap."

Yeah, the buff people in the video couldn't last the whole time.  Obviously, neither could I.  But I did the best I could do, plus some.  That's all Shaun asks, is to give a little more than you think you can.  At one point I had to keep saying (out loud), "I can do it... Keep pushing, keep pushing."  Yep, I talked to myself.  But whatever, it works.  I'm a BIG believer in positive affirmations.  Instead of saying "I'm not tired." over and over again, try saying "I have plenty of energy left."  Over and over again, and see the difference.

When I have to give a talk, speech or presentation either at work or in church, instead of telling myself I'm not scared, I tell myself how amazing I am.  "I am fun, confident, and I look great today!" Works every time.  Pump yourself up and you can go far!

Ok enough of that.

I went and saw The Lovely Bones last night.  It was my first movie since November.  I thought I hadn't seen a movie since Harry Potter, but then I remembered that I saw New Moon.  But anyway, I read The Lovely Bones in high school and I liked it, but the movie is awful.  I don't know why I thought it was awful, just boring I guess.  And I thought the whole "space between earth and heaven" is crap.  I tried to relate it to Spirit Prison or Spirit Paradise, but in the movie it was a mixture of both for her, and I hated it.  Maybe I should have just left my religious beliefs about death out of it and just enjoyed the movie.  But, how can I leave my religious beliefs out of something when religion is my whole life?  Or at least, should be my whole life.  The only reason we're even here is to learn how to get back... so yeah.. anyway.

I'm gonna go shower now.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good News!

Today was Cardio Recovery, and thank goodness!  It was a lot of stretching and pilates.  So, pretty much yogalates.

Tomorrow is Pure Cardio and I'm pretty sure I am going to die.  One the bright side tomorrow is the last video for level one, or month one, so after that I get to just repeat all of them for the next three weeks.  I'm looking forward to getting better and stronger with each one.  The good news for you is that this means I probably won't bother you with blog updates about how much it hurts or how hard it is.  Hooray!

Mission: Look Better in Swimsuit is in full effect!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

63 Days vs 60 Days

Guess what?  Insanity LIES...  They said it's 60 days, but really it's 63 days!  Just thought I'd share that.

Technically... since you get to take Sundays off, it's only 54 days of working out.

Need a snack?  Ritz crackers + cream cheese + salsa = best snack ever.  Maybe not the best, but pretty close.  I love it!

Day Three!

I went to relief society for the first time last night.  It was a good time.  We had brownies and saw some skits about visiting teaching.  Visiting teaching is something I do need to improve.  I give up too easily.

Unlike yesterday, today when I woke up I was not more sore than when I went to bed.  I am so thankful for that!

Day three is complete!  Today was Cardio Power and Resistance....  the warmup still feels like a workout to me, but I know if I keep pushing it will get easier and I will get stronger.

Took my measurements yesterday... I was supposed to take them before I started, but I don't think I've gone down in inches yet.  They say to track my progress by inches I lose, not pounds.  Since I am gaining muscle I'm likely to be heavier than when I started.  We'll see.  But guess what?  My left calf is a whole INCH bigger than my right calf!  What is that about?

Now if I could just curb my hunger so I'm not eating all the time!!!!

Day three down!  Time to shower.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Insead of naming it Insanity, they should have named it Suicide

I feel like anyone who is as out of shape as I am, or in even worse shape than I am would die if they pushed as hard as Shawn T and the people in the videos.  Seriously....  I pushed myself hard, and I ended up resting twice as long as they did, if not longer.

Yesterday's workout was hard, today's was even harder.  Yesterday started with a little sweat, today started with a puddle.  By noon yesterday my muscles were sore and the soreness got worse throughout the day until it more than doubled over night.  I felt like I was going to break when I got out of bed this morning.  So that's what I had to work with when I started my 40 minute cardio circuit.

The program has 10 different videos.  You cycle through the first five for 30 days, then you cycle through the second five the second thirty days.  So you're doing something different every day.  Looks like I will be sore for the next two months!

Day two down, 58 more to go!

I love that this program comes with a nutrition guide.  Honestly, I haven't looked at the whole thing.  But I read enough last night that I guess I'm supposed to be eating 5 to 6 meals a day that are 300 - 500 calories each.  I think that will be hard for me since I've limited myself to about 1200 calories per day for the last three years.  I did that because I wasn't exercising, and now that I am exercising I think I would starve to death.  No wonder I was so hungry yesterday!

I did my workout, and afterwards I was hungry.  I had a granola bar.  I was hungry maybe an hour later, but I pushed myself and waited until 11:30 to eat lunch.  I was hungry an hour after that.  So I had some carrots.  When I got home from work I was hungry again!  Luckily, I had put dinner in the crock pot before going to work, so I could eat as soon as I got home.  Then Lance and I went to the Jazz game, where I got hungry again, and we got hot dogs.  When I got home, I was hungry again so I had a bowl of cereal.

I think this will be the death of me.  I'm scared for tomorrow!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Insanity Workout - Day 1

Started this workout today.... and it hurts... a lot.  Now when I walk all my muscles shake with weakness.

I got up at 6:00 to start this beast.  Why?  Because that's the only time I have available between my callings as a Primary teacher, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a visiting teacher, an employee, a friend, and a loyal Jazz fan. 

During the workout, I drank more water than I would normally drink in an entire week!

I don't expect to get a hard body like the people in the video above. I do, however, expect to be able to look better in my swimsuit!!

Only 59 more days to go!