Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life Improvements

Gosh today is so beautiful outside! It almost looks like spring! Only 30 days until spring! I am so ready for warm weather!

Lately I've been trying to do 2 things better than I have in the past. One is that I've been trying not to say anything about anyone, unless I would be OK with that being said about me. It's given me a different perspective to think about. I'm sure I've been talked about in a negative way, and if I found out about it, I would probably be devastated, and I don't want to make anyone feel that way. Granted, I can't take back all the things I've said in the past, but maybe if I do this for long enough my gossiping past can be forgiven (and forgotten).

The other thing I'm trying to do better is to not get so frustrated at other drivers. I get so upset when I get cut off, or tailgated, or if someone doesn't keep a consistent speed (cruise control is almost impossible in Utah). The solution? I imagine the other drivers as family members, rather than just "the red audi" or "the old people." Thinking about them as someone's son, someone's daughter, someone's grandma gives me more patience with them, and I can laugh at their terrible driving rather than get upset.

Something Lance and I need to work on together is spending money. Actually, I think I can say that we are extremely good with our money... but both of us got our hours cut at work. Lance is no longer allowed overtime, and I am only getting 35 hours a week (rather than 40). Overall it's about a $800 loss per month. That is seriously a lot of money. I did the math (took our new monthly income and subtracted our bills) and well... let's just say it doesn't add up. So we've got to make some cuts. This is going to be a huge test of my faith in tithing, but I'm sure everything will be ok as long as I keep that faith strong.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

♥♥♥ It's Called...Love

On my way to work today I was listening to the radio, as I always do, and today they had someone talking about how women should romance their husbands and not expect their husbands to romance them all of the time. It really hit me hard. I am terrible at being romantic, and I always expect my husband to be romantic. Anyway, they put in a plug for this great site with all sorts of tips and products and things on how to be romantic for your husband. I freaking love it! I would post the site on here, but I don't want Lancee to see. ☺

So, if you're curious, just let me know and I'll be happy to tell you the site!

One of my favorite things I found on the site was a quiz on whether or not your husband is a priority in your life or not. I for sure need to straighten some things out! I guess that happens after you're together for almost 7 years.

Last week I was dreading Valentine's Day and now I'm totally looking forward to it. I'm so excited!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Scraps of Love

I ♥ scrabooking. Seriously.

But I am so stinking behind it's not even funny!

I went over to Lance's parents' house on Monday to scrapbook with his mom while Lance and his dad went to the Jazz game. When I was gathering my stuff together to take it over there, I realized that I haven't developed pictures in months. Maybe even more!

I still need to scrapbook our engagement photos...

and honeymoon photos...

Those were almost 2 years ago! 2 years for engagement, a little over 1.5 for honeymoon... so... yea that's slack for sure. Luckily, I have scrabooked our wedding photos, at least, most of the ones I wanted to scrapbook.

So guess what I ended up scrapbooking?

Our pictures from the Anniversary Inn, and our first trip to Disneyland together. Ok, so that's not as far back as our engagement or honeymoon, but it helps, right?

Oi! I still need to scrapbook Disney World and our 1 year anniversary photo shoot thing...

Scrapbook party anyone? We can have it at my house. I have a room dedicated to scrapbooking.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You Make Me Touch Your Hands For Stupid Reasons

For a good laugh, listen to this dramatic reading of a breakup letter.

It's awesome.

There is some language though, so be warned. ☺

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

This thing is going around on Facebook and I was just recently tagged on it. I wrote out my 25 things and I wanted to share it on here FIRST! Lucky you guys!

1. My husband and I are die-hard Jazz fans. We have season tickets, but I only go to weekend games. If I’m in the mood to stay up later than 8pm I’ll go to a weekday game. My dream is to one day sit courtside.

2. I have a huge crush on Kyle Korver, and wish that all other female basketball fans didn’t. And if you don’t know who Kyle Korver is… you’ve just made my day.

3. I like to paint my fingernails and then scratch off the nail polish. It frustrates me when it won’t come off easily.

4. My toenails must be painted at all times. If they get chipped or scratched I have to paint them again as soon as I can.

5. I like Rockband (and Rockband 2) but not Guitar Hero. Rockband is so much cooler. Although, I do own the Aerosmith Guitar Hero…I got it for Christmas.

6. I love reading about my old friends from Santaquin. I am friends with most of them on Facebook, but I haven’t seen or talked to any of them in person in years, so it probably sounds kind of stalker-ish. I just like to know what they’re up to, and I often wonder how my life would be right now if I hadn’t moved away from Santaquin 9 years ago. I often wonder if they think about me, or ever miss me when they hang out together.

7. I find tragus piercings really sexy (on women) and want to get one someday. I’m scared to get one because I’ve heard that you hear a little crunching or popping noise as they pierce it. Ick!

8. I was on my high school’s ballroom team as vice president. The president transferred to another team at the beginning of the school year, and I was asked to be president, but I didn’t want to. Looking back, I wish I would have stepped up to be the president.

9. I miss ballroom dancing so much that it makes me cry sometimes when I watch others dancing.

10. I love changing my hair length, style, and color often and I have had my hair every color in the rainbow (but not all at the same time. :-p ). I would like to go to hair school, but I don’t really have the time.

11. I have an addiction to buying jeans. Some brands I own are BKE, Big Star, Laguna Beach, MEK and I want to add William Rast and True Religion to the collection soon.

12. My husband and I bought a house one year after we were married.

13. Ed Hardy is my favorite perfume. I used to think it was Clinique Happy…but after smelling Ed Hardy on me I can not ever go back to any other perfume. Everyone has their one perfume that smells absolutely amazing on them. I am so happy to have found mine.

14. My husband and I own over 350 DVDs and the collection is still growing.

15. Shia LaBeouf reminds me of my little brother, Jared. I think it has something to do with how back-in-the-day Jared used to say “To here, Jenn!” just how Louis on Even Stevens (played by Shia LaBouf) would say “To here, Ren!” So I feel like I have this weird connection with Shia, and when I thought he was dead in Eagle Eye I cried, because I felt like it was my little brother lying there, bleeding. (Sorry for the spoiler!)

16. I love hard rock music, especially when it screams, unless it’s screaming the whole time. I love when you can hear (or feel) the writer’s emotions in their music. Extremely talented singers can get me to feel their emotions without screaming though, like Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. I still get chills every time I hear The Ghost of You….
17. My favorite pet that I have ever had was a Chihuahua named Hooper. He would sing (or howl) when you told him to sing, and he always cuddled in a perfect spot. He got defensive if someone hit you, or pretended to hit you. Seriously, he acted like he was going to rip their face off.

18. I hate talking on the phone. It doesn’t matter who it is, I hate it. Texting, emailing, or instant messaging are all way, way better.

19. I like wearing high heels more than any other type of shoe. This winter, the only time I’ve fallen on the ice was the one day I decided to wear tennis shoes…

20. I hate having people watch me open presents, any type of present. Christmas, birthday, you name it. I don’t give much of a reaction after opening a present, unless I force myself to, and I don’t want people to think I dislike the gift because of that.

21. My siblings are the coolest people ever, hands down.

22. When I’m driving I enjoy blasting my music and singing as loud as I can. I bet it looks pretty funny to other drivers… but I don’t care.

23. I love to travel. I love going to new places and experiencing new things. My favorite vacation of all time was New York City with my dad back in 2002. I would definitely love to go again.

24. I work for and with some of the best people I know. Sometimes I feel like they spoil their employees. I have never been happier at a job and I hope to work there for a very long time.

25. I sneeze when I eat rich chocolate or dark chocolate. I’m not sure if it’s an allergy, or just a strange reaction. Either way, I enjoy sneezing, so it doesn’t bother me one bit.