Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hike to the Y

Lance had "Hike to the Y" on his bucket list, so since it's free and 5 mins from our house we decided to go for it!

I've hiked to the Y two times before in my life.  Once when I was 11, and once when I was 14.  Both times, it didn't seem hard.  This time, it was hard.  I struggled so bad.  It's because I'm incredibly out of shape.  Oh and I had a cold/cough at the time, so that prolly didn't help anything.

We took Bentley with us.  She loved it!  Cute little thing.  I love her.

I wanted to include pictures with this post, but of course they are somewhere far far away (like at home...and I'm at work).

We started on the trail at about 6:30pm and got to the Y at 7:30pm, just as the sun was setting.  It was gorgeous!  I made the comment to Lance that "We drive for 6 hours to see Vegas lights... but we could just walk for one hour and see this every day!"  Silly, huh?  It's like a valley of fire.  Millions of glittering lights stretched across the valley floor.  To the north you can see the Provo temple, which isn't one of the prettiest, but hey, it's cool!  At one point during the sunset, Utah Lake turned all orange and glowy.  It looked rad!  Makes me wonder what's in that lake, exactly?  Haha, just kidding.

Interrupting our awe and the beautimous site, was a tarantula.  Yes, a tarantula.  It was HUGE, HAIRY, and slowly crawling towards us.  We got a couple pics.  EEEEAAK!  I'm all creeped out thinking about it.

Going back down was pitch black.  We should have brought a flash light.  It was so dark!  But the walk down was simple, and took about 15 minutes.

My legs were NOT sore the next day, or the day after that, or at all really.  Strange, huh?

Notes for next time: bug spray, more water, flashlight.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Letter From a Missionary - 2 & 3

Hey Jennjo,

How are you doing? I miss hanging out with you. I´ve been praying so that you and Lance have a baby so I can be an uncle. :) So I believe you have some work to do.:) just kidding. Do what you want. You`re awesome. I miss you.

Love Elder Keele

Hey Jenn,

It´s cool, you should have a baby. I´ve thought about it and I don´t want to watch. :) thats just gross. I just want to be an uncle. You should plan it out so it´s born right when I get home. Plus August babies are cool.
I´m sorry about bentley, I hope things go ok.
Sounds like you and lance are still partying. A nissan titan? thats cool. Did you sell your other car?
I´m sorry about the evil stuff that happened to you. Just remember you have power. You can leave or do whatever you need to do and God will help you. It´s really cool being out here. It´s weird because the sisters here are your age.
Do you remember Mrs. Porter in Santaquin? Her daughter is here. It´s really weird, Because you could be serving at the same time as me. But be greatful you aren´t... The sisters are interesting. Thats as far as i´ll go with that.But, the church is true.

I love you,
Elder Keele

Friday, September 18, 2009

First the Rest of My Life!!

I have so much to blog about!!

Last weekend I went to Los Angeles for a First Steps conference with Carrie.  I didn't know what to expect, and I was really only going because Datawise paid.  But oh my gosh it blew me away!  I did not expect to get anything out of it, but I got so much!!  Dani is a very powerful, motivating person.  There are SOOO many things I learned that I couldn't possibly list them all.  But, here are a few:
How to improve the relationships I have with my friends and my spouse.
How to strike up a conversation with a stranger, and make new friends.
She helped me overcome my fear of the phone.
How to use the money I have more effectively and to get out of debt. (I can totally pay off my house in 9 years!!)
To not care what people think of me. Be confident and proud of who I am.

It was amazing!  One thing she said that really hit me was that 98% of people are dead or broke by 65 years old.  I want to be in the two percent.  I don't want to be 65 years old and wonder what I did with my life and my money.  So that's why I made the bucket list.  It gives me a drive, focus and purpose to put to my life so I'm not just working day in and day out, and wandering around life without a purpose.

On another note, Lance got his truck.  I can tell he loves it very much.  He worked very, very hard to get it.  If anyone needs a truck for something, please call him.  I told him he better help anyone and everyone he can with that thing, because we sure as heck don't have any good use for it right now.  It us super nice though!

Busy day tomorrow!

Bentley is going back to the doctor tomorrow for her follow-up.  I hope hope hope that her liver is better and we don't have to get a CAT scan.  If her liver is working and blood is good then they'll finally go ahead with her spay.  Poor thing.  She's starving right now, but she can't eat.  I feel so bad for her.  It's so hard to watch someone you love be uncomfortable.

We also have my nephew, Jacob's birthday party at Discovery Park.  Then a BYU tailgate party at my parents' house, then we need to pick up Bentley.  I'm not sure if she can be left alone, or taken anywhere, but we also have my friend, Mike's birthday BBQ in the evening.  Not sure if we can make it.  But we will see.

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bucket List

This idea came from my co-worker, Carrie.  She has this list of things she's always wanted to do, and this year she's been doing them left and right.  I'm so happy for her, and I can tell it's rocked her world. So...I made my own. 

Without my husband, nothing on this list would matter to me.  I want to experience these things with him.  So, after I shared my list with him, he made his own list and now we have this grand list of things that we want to do do together.

In no specific order:
Cruise to the Bahamas
Visit every US state and find something cool to do in each. At the top of the state list:
     Nauvoo, IL
     NYC, NY
     Alaska/Northern lights
     Washington, DC
     Oregon/Washington when Drew gets home from his mission
     South Dakota/Mt. Rushmore
     St. Louis, MO
     New Orleans, LA
Go to Sandals, Jamaica
Indoor skydiving
Ride in a limo
Niagra Falls
Stay at every hotel on the Las Vegas strip:
     Bill's Gamblin Hall and Saloon
     Caesar's Palace
     Casino Royale
     Circus Circus
     Four Seasons (top 4 floor of Mandalay Bay)
     Imperial Palace
     Mandalay Bay
     MGM Grand
     The Mirage
     Monte Carlo
     New York, New York
     Planet Hollywood
     THEhotel at Mandalay Bay
     Treasure Island
     The Venetian
     Wynn Resort
Go to a club
Sit on one of the first 10 rows at a Jazz game
Bunjee jump
Ride in a hot air balloon
Paraglide at point of the mountain
Do temple work at every temple in Utah:
     Salt Lake
     Oquirrh Mountain
     Jordan River
     Mount Timpanogos
     St. George
Go to the zoo
See Arches
Visit Lake Powell
F.O.R.M a complete stranger
Fly first class
Hop on the next flight out, wherever it goes
Try out for Deal or No Deal
Try out for Family Feud
Stay at the Grand America hotel
Cook dinner every night for a month/no eating out for a month
Drive a lamborghini
Go to an away game for the Jazz
Plant flowers in my front and back yard
Do laundry weekly for a month
Pay off our house by 2018
Get a charicature of ourselves
Helocopter ride over Las Vegas strip
Eat at Peggy Sue's 50s Diner
Go to Guatemala to get Jared
Go to China
Go to Japan
Go to Australia
Go to an NFL game
Visit the Harry Potter theme park
Build something
Hike to the "Y"
Fly a small ariplane or helicopter
Paint the Jazz room/office Jazz colors
Eat the "Take 8" at EZ Takeout Burger
Win another softball tournament
Move out of Utah
Buy baby clothes for our own

Thursday, September 10, 2009

One Car, Two Car, Three Car, Four...

What a week... honestly.

Lance sold his Hyundai, hooray!  We are now one step closer to getting his truck.  Happy day.  So, how has having one car been?  Thanks for asking!  Lemme tell you!

It has been awful!  We leave home at 8:15am, so I can drop him off in Springville before heading up to South Jordan to get to work by 9am.  My work picks up in the fall, because of the elections, but I have to leave by no later than 4:20pm in order to be at his work by 5 to pick him up.

One day I couldn't leave, and Lance had a softball game at 6, and he had to get a ride from someone, who was late for something... what a mess.

I do like spending a little bit of time with him in the morning though.  Oftentimes he gets up 5 minutes before leaving and rushes out the door with a rushed "Haveagoodday, Iloveyou!"  But now we get that 5 minutes in the car to just chill.  I like it.  Maybe when we get another car I should make him have breakfast with me every day.  "Breakfast at 8!  Eat it or STARVE!"

We went to New Mexico with Lance's parents this past weekend.  It was cool.  I had a lot of fun.  Seems like Farmington itself (where we stayed) had absolutely nothing to do there, and we had to drive an hour to get to cool stuff.  Next time, I vote staying in Durango, CO.  It's much closer to the action.

Going to LA this weekend with Carrie.  I'm excited!  Honestly, I'm more excited for the road trip than the First Steps conference that we're attending, but hey, whatever gets me out of the house, right?  Plus, we're spending a night in Vegas on the way back.  And if you know me/read my blog... you know I love Vegas.  I'm pretty much addicted to Vegas.  I think that's cool considering that I don't drink/gamble/go to nudie shows.  Yay Vegas!  Hopefully Carrie will want to do something while were there, other than sleep then get up and get back on the road.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Best Status Updates. Ever.

So I love social networking sites... who doesn't?  Some peole are very funny.  I've included some of the funniest updates that I've seen recently, just to brighten your day!


Katie Keele: There's no worse feeling than that millisecond you're sure you are going to die after leaning your chair back a little too far. - August 31, 10:11am.

Amy June Purdie: college football starts tonight! Oh wait...I don't care! Pah ha ha - September 3, 1:38pm.

Carrie Walters: BLATANT RANDOM SHIRTLESSNESS!! Ok, this has just been given epidemic status. - June 28, 8:46pm.


rainnwilson: Have a nice day, America.
7:05 AM Sep 3rd from Tweetie
rainnwilson: F*@k Canada RT What about Canada? (via @LovelyCreatures)
(I apologize for the profanity. Also, I don't mean to offend any Canadian readers (That means you, Tenille. I love you!).)

hollymadison123: Going thru the Sonic drive-thru in a green Palms limo :)
5:48pm Aug 29th from web

clinton_kelly: Yay! Back to NYC! Love me some LA, but I just can't bear to look at one more Ed Hardy T-shirt. Lame-o.
10:05am Aug 29th from TwitterBerry

D_Will_8_4real: Headed to Lifetime fitness! Didn't like Gold's gym yesterday. This 5' 6" 230 lb dude kept telling me I need to come hoop with them! No.
9:53am Aug 26th from TwitterFon

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Texting While Driving

I rear ended someone four years ago, because I was texting while driving.  I still continued to text while driving until now.

After watching this video, I will not text and drive ever again.