Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcome to Bogger-City

So I have joined the blogging scene... oh dear me! It's not very normal for me to hop on a bandwagon... but, what the heck. Someone might actually be interested in what's going on with Lance and I...then again, maybe not. But, it will still be fun to write in the hopes that someone will read it.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

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Nope, that's not a typo.  My super cute almost sister-in-law, Lolly went to Disney Land when she was little, and on their third day, when her parents woke her up to go she said "I don't wannoo go to Disley Land..."  I bet she was so friggen cute!  I love her.  Aww, warm fuzzies.
Anyway...  I went to Disney World in Florida last week, and it was AWESOME!!!  I have the bestest husband in the world.  I'm so glad I married someone who loves leaving town just as much (if not more) than I do, so we can go on vacations a lot.  But, this one was a bit bigger than our "normal" get-aways.  We actually saved for it so we could do a lot more.
Tuesday the 2nd of December we flew out of SLC airport to Phoenix, AZ, where we had a 45 minute lay-over.  We got some steak sandwiches for lunch and headed over to board our next flight, which took us to Orlando.  It was cold!!  Probably 60 degrees, but that's not really warm enough for me, srsly.
We took a shuttle, with a way cool driver, to our hotel in Kissimmee.  We tipped him well.  ☺ Our hotel was average, yes it was outside of the park, dude, that's cheaper!  It wasn't bad though.  Our first night there we went to CiCi's Pizza Buffet, because we've seen the commercials a lot but there aren't any around where we live, so we really wanted to try it.  It's really good!!
On Wednesday we went to Magic Kingdom (which is similar to the Disney Land park in Anaheim).  It was totally fun.  We stayed for the fireworks this time (We didn't do that in Cali this past spring.)!  We thought our seats were pretty good... but the fireworks ended up being behind a huge tree, so we didn't really see much of them.  It was alright though.  I got to see Tinkerbelle!!!!  I love her.
Thursday we went to Hollywood Studios (which is similar to California Adventure).  The Tower of Terror ride is a bit different there than it is in Cali.  It was sweet!!  They also had a Backlot Tour that was really sweet, we got to see behind the scenes stuff, and learn some things about Disney.  I wish I could remember specifics, but it was pretty rad.  We also saw Lights, Motors, Action, which is this car stunt show thing.  Very entertaining.  At night we went and saw Fantasmic, which was a fireworks/music show with Mickey and some Disney characters about dreams coming true and stuff.  I dunno, I wasn't really that into it.  It was alright.  After we saw that we walked over to the section of the park that was covered in millions of lights that danced to Christmas music.  It was so gorgeous.  They also had fake snow blowing into the street.  I loved it!  I saw my friend Andrew here, with Trent!  It was kind of a shock to see him half way across the country, but hey, he loves Disney so it fit!  I said hey to him and we talked for a bit.  After that Lance and I went back to the hotel for the night!
Friday we went to Epcot.  I really, really liked Epcot because it was super new to me!  They had a couple rides I'd never been .., and they have a section of the park that is like walking through different countries.  All the buildings and restaurants are country specific.  Very, very cool!  We had lunch in Japan, went on a boat ride in Norway, and ate dessert in America.  Pretty wild.
Saturday we went to Animal Kingdom and this park was really cool too, because it was really new to me. Walking into the park is almost like walking into a jungle... a well controlled jungle... but yeah.  There are trees and animals everywhere.  My favorite ride was in this park; Expedition Everest.  Such an awesome ride!  Here we decided to "splurge" for lunch and hit up an African buffet.  Ah it was so delicious!  Food in the parks is so expensive, for just normal burgers and fries, so this was a tad more money than that... ok, like double.  But I feel like I ate my money's worth.  We were there for quite a while...  heheh.
I feel like we got to do everything we wanted.  We were super tired at the end of each day, and more so the end of the week, but it was totally worth it!  We flew home on Sunday, and got home around 3 in the afternoon.  Our flight flew out of Orlando at 5:30am!  That's 3:30am Mountain time... ugh, super early!  But hey, it wasn't too hard to get up for work on Monday!
I can't wait for our next vacation!  I think we're going on a cruise out of Florida to the Bahamas in the spring.  That's the plan, but we'll see if we stick to that plan.

Friday, October 31, 2008

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So last night's season opener game for the Jazz was awesome!  They turned the lights of for player introductions, and they haven't done that before.  They had to re-do all the lights in the arena to do it too, it was rad.  Crazy tidbit of informatino for ya: Deron Williams asked them to do that.  Shows ya how much Utah loves Deron!  Anyway, they gave us all glowsticks, so when the lights went off it was all glowy and just rad in the arena.
So I was getting kind of down about the Twilight movie.  I had nobody to go with, and everyone already had people to go with, and they weren't inviting me (I know, boohoo right?  But still... ).  But then the other day my sister in law, Laura invited me to go with her.  So I was really happy about that.  I know Lance doesn't want to see it, so it was looking like I wasn't going to see the movie at all.  So yeah, we're going Thursday night (technically Friday 12am).  She got my ticket for me, because she's such a nice person.  Thanks Laura!  I'll pay her back when I see her.  It's good to know I have a friend, eh?
I can already tell the tone of this blog has gone sour, so why save it now?  Do you ever feel like you're doing your best to make up for how you've been in the past, but nobody seems to give a crap?  No?  Well good for you.  I can name... hmm... 5 people that are kind of getting on my nerves for different yet slightly related things.  I'm tired of trying, and I want to say to Hell with all of it.  They're all selfish.  But then again, am I being selfish for saying they're selfish?  I dunno.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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The tailgate party went well!  If I can say so myself, I had some good food there.  And Tenille and Brandon brought some delicious desserts.  Best of all BYU won!  It would be a lie if I said I watched the game.  I probably paid attention to maybe 2 plays the entire game.  Next time I'll try to pay attention better.  Next time = BYU vs U of U.  Oh yeah!  I'm gonna invite fans for both teams and it will be awesome!
Lance and I went to the Jazz autograph party last night and got everyone's signature!  Last year we missed Deron, Boozer, Korver, and Memo... but we got 'em all this year.  PS: Kyle Korver and Mehmet Okur are way hotter up close and in person than they are from far away, or on TV, just so you know...  The nicest players were Boozer (he reminds me of Weston, totally... they could be brothers, except that Booze is black....) and Kirilenko.  Nobody was a jerk this time, so that's good.  We had them sign this mini b-ball hoop that we will put over one of our doors downstairs, and most of the players were like "I had one of those"  and I told them that Lance likes to play with it while he watches them play.  Lol... it always made them laugh.  It was great.
So Lance got offered this really great job within his current company.  It's a move up, and over a $3 raise per hour.  It sounds really great and all, until you find out it's swing shift.  Swing shift = not seeing eachother, him not going to Jazz games.  We've talked about it and prayed about it, and now it's up to Lance.  He's supposed to make his decision today, and I told him I would support him whichever way he goes.  I flat out told him I wanted him to turn it down though.  We have plenty of money as it is, and it's not worth being on opposite schedules (again).  But, if he feels he should take it, then I guess he should.  Hopefully we'll eventually be able to get back on the same schedule again.  But if not, then I guess I just had a lot of free time open up.  Anybody want to hang?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

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...I started watching this new show called A Real Chance at Love.  Yeah yeah...another one of those "lame" match-making shows that I always am a sucker for.  But this one is way cool!  It's kind of from a chain of reality shows.  It started with Flavor of Love, and a girl named New York was on there.  She didn't win, so she got her own show called I Love New York.  And on I Love New York, Chance and Real were on there and neither of them won.  Then they made a show called I Love Money with 17 or so people from match-making shows (Rock of Love 1 and 2, Flavor of Love 1, 2 and 3, and I Love New York).  I REALLY liked I Love Money.  It's similar to Survivor.  Anywho, Real and Chance were on I Love Money and they didn't win, but Real fell in love with Hoopz, but she kind of rejected him.  So now Real and Chance have their own show called a Real Chance at Love.  The reason I like this show is because Real and Chance are so funny!  Chance reminds me of Dave Chappel.  So funny!  Random, I know...
...I've done Wii Fit every day since Saturday!  I feel great.  Exercise does amazing things to people. I gained weight before I started losing weight.  Is that normal? So right now I'm back at the weight I started at a week ago.  Hopefully it keeps going down.  But, if it doesn't go down, that's ok, as long as I'm getting toned.
...I've tried cleaning my house every day.  But it's hard to keep it perfect when you're living there too!  It seems like there's always laundry to do, and always dishes to wash, and kitty likes to track her litter all over.  What a pain.
...I have a tailgate party.  It's tomorrow for the BYU vs UNLV game.  Originally it was only going to be a family thing, but I felt like inviting Sierra and Tenille and her hubby Brandon.  I was kind of hesitant, because I don't know if Tenille and Brandon like me much, but they accepted, so that's cool!  When Tenille and I lived together, I wasn't very nice.  Now I regret it, because we could have been great friends.  I wish we were great friends, that's something I need more of.  I enjoy reading her blogs... I love how she can make something simple sound so amazing.  It's a blessing to be that optimistic about things.  It makes me feel like I take things for granted; simple things like going to dinner with Lance, or going for a drive, or even spending time in the backyard shooting hoops.  Reading her blog reminds me to always notice the small things in life and to be happy about them!  There's always so much in life to get down about, so if I focus on the positive things, no matter how small or non-important they may seem, I'll generally always be happier, like she is.  Or at least she seems to be.  :-)
...My check on Wednesday had 103 hours on it.  23 of the hours were overtime (14 week 1, and 9 week 2).  That's crazy!  No wonder I'm so tired!  Good thing today is Friday, right?
My co-worker Carrie and I have this thing where we call Thursday "New Friday."  I used to not work on Fridays, so Thursday would be my Friday.  But now that I come in on Fridays, I still call Thursday "New Friday" because it keeps me happy.  Kind of a lame inside joke, I know.  But whatever keeps me going, right?  Wednesday and Thursday are the longest days of the week, so if you have Wednesday and New Friday, it doesn't seem so bad!
That's enough for today.  ☺

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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Lance and I went to the mall on Saturday to get him the new NBA 2K9 game, and when we went into Gamestop, Wii Fit was there!  I was so excited because we've been looking for it for 3 months now!  I couldn't wait to get home and try it.
When we got home, we both did our initial "Body Test" and found out we have normal BMI's but the game makes you make a goal.  My goal was to lose 10 lbs, and Lance just wants to lose 3.
After the first day of working out with it, my body was so freaking sore!  It kicked my butt.  It's seriously the coolest game ever.  It's like having a personal trainer in your home at your convenience.  (Mine is a male... ;-) ).  In the game they have Yoga, Strength (which is like pilates), Aerobic and Balance.  Yoga is my favorite... it feels so nice to stretch.
Hopefully I can reach my goal of being 10lbs lighter!  We'll see!

Friday, September 5, 2008

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Ever since I've been married, I've failed to keep up my journal.  In fact, I have no idea where my journal is.  Everyone I know could have read it by now!  Good thing I don't care about that.  I think that's what journals are for; people to read them.  Anyway...what I'm trying to get at is I need to start writing in a journal.  I've had so many great married experiences that I never wrote down, and I hope never to forget them.
I suppose I could write the not-so-great married experiences as well.  Just so you un-married people know that it's not a cake-walk.  Actually... it was a cake walk until we moved into our own place.  Now I get to see what chores he wasn't raised to do on his own.  Really strange.  It's strange to be married for over a year, and just now start to realize the differences in how we were raised.  More than just chores...  things like how close to your family you are, and how close your spouse is to theirs. 
I was thinking the other day that Lance's family is so much closer to eachother than mine is.  I would guess it has something to do with them only having 4 children, and mine having 6.  Or maybe it's because his parents are in the Empty-nesters/grandparents stage, and mine still have a 9-year-old at home.  Or maybe it's because Lance is the baby of his family...and everyone loves the baby, while I am the second oldest, squished between my mom's 2 favorite children.  I'm not complaining, just noticing the differences.
Going from eating out twice a day, to eating out maybe once or twice a month was easier than I thought!  I enjoy long is it takes less than an hour and a half.  And usually, with the recipes I get and alter, I can make them shorter.  Well... that doesn't include my crock pot creations.  I've taken basic recipes and put them in a crock pot... mmmmm.  Makes it taste so much better to be slow-cooked!  All this not-fast food makes me feel so much healthier!  I've actually lost the 10lbs that I gained over the last year.  Thank goodness for that!  Now if I can just kick my soda addiction I could drop another 10lbs!
Lance and I have already taken quite a few vacations since we've been married!  I think I've written about a few... but just for my benefit of being able to remember... 
We went to Yellowstone for Labor Day weekend 2007.  It was Lance's first time there.  I think he really enjoyed it.  We ate Buffalo burgers at sunset at a cute little outdoor diner.  It was so much fun!
We got Jazz season tickets for the '07 - '08 season, but since I worked nights last year I didn't get to go to a lot of them.  I went to the weekend ones, and Lance took friends and family to the ones I couldn't go to.  I DID however, switch to days in March of '08, so I got to go to all the Playoff games!  Some nights we stayed the night up in SLC just for the fun of it!  It was so much fun to not have a care in the world and just be with the one you love.
In January of '08 we went to Vegas for a weekend vacation.  It was short, but tons of fun.  We did all the free things on the strip... Circus Circus' circus acts (say that 5 times fast!), Bellagio fountains, Lions at MGM, Coke World, M&M World, Ethel M's Chocolate factory, etc.  We stayed in The Palms hotel.  It was super duper nice!  My Alaskan grandparents were in Vegas at the same time, so we spent a day with them as well.  It was good to see them, because I don't get to see them very often.
In May we went to Disneyland for our birthdays (which were in April).  We had so much fun!  The weather was just right...except for the last night we were there.  Lance LOVED Pirates of the Caribbean.  I think we went on that one 5 times.  Indiana Jones is my favorite, so we went on that one 3 times.  We also went to California Adventure.  It was Lance's first time at that park.  It was a lot of fun.  We had so much fun with everything that we didn't stop to watch the fireworks until the last night.  But... they got CANCELLED!  I was so upset!  It was all cloudy and windy that day... which sucks.  But it gives us an excuse to go again before the year is out.  We are thinking we'll go again in December.
We planned to go to Disneyland again in July, with Lance's family.  But, a week before the trip Lance's dad had heart surgery, and Lance's mom had cancer in her throat.  We felt awful going without them, so we decided to stay back.  Lance's sisters still went, and had a ton of fun.
Lance and I went to Vegas again a couple of weeks ago.  This time we did a few super rad things!  We went and saw Phantom at the Venecian.  We had 4th row!  We had the option of 2nd row, but we didn't want to be too close.  It was amazing.  It was like watching the movie, but live.  Very exciting.  We also went to Madame Tussauds wax museum, and Lance had fun posing with all the figurines.  I haven't posted pictures yet, but I will!  We also did the Titanic Exhibit, which was really cool.  We spent over 3 hours in there reading everything and just taking it all in.  It's pretty amazing.  Next time we go, we want to do this Dinner Theater show we found out about at the Four Queens hotel.  It's a murder mystery 3 course dinner show, where the actors hang out with the regular people.  So you don't know who's in the show, and who's real.  Sounded really awesome, so I can't wait to go again.  I also want to see the Bodies exhibit.  There's just never enough time for everything you want to do!
Currently, at my job, we're gearing up for the BUSIEST time of year: the election cycle.  I'm excited, and nervous at the same time!  I have to work 7am - 5pm Mon - Fri until election day.  Talk about OT!  Too bad I won't have any time to spend my money.  I guess that's a good thing, right?
Ok enough blabbing.  I'm sick of typing, so this is all for now.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

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1.  The act of tempting; enticement or allurement.
2.  Something that tempts, entices, or allures.
3.  The fact or state of being tempted, esp. to evil.
-Synonyms: lure, attraction, pull, seduction, inducement  (

I was allured into doing something I promised myself and everyone else I would never do. 

What was my reasoning behind not heeding to this enticement in the first place?  Well...  everyone else was doing it.  I didn't want to be the last person to experience this, and have everyone be a know-it-all about it.  I'm selfish, and proud.  So, in secrecy (somewhat secrecy, thanks to my bestest friend for lending me the objects of my desire) I succumbed to my temptation.

And I loved it.

I do not regret my decision. 

There's a reason why everyone else is doing it.

You might be wondering what this great temptation was, but I'm not going to tell you. Due to my pride and my ever so growing ego, I will not confide in others what I have done.  Let your mind wander.

Monday, July 14, 2008

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Lance and I have spent the last 3.5 hours packing our wedding gifts, and stuff from storage.  We found a lot of things that we had forgotten we even had!  We still have the garage to go through... and ugh...  it feels like a never-ending process.  300 movies + 40 pairs of shoes + a bazillion articles of clothing = disaster.  Hopefully it doesn't suck too bad.
We close on our place on Tuesday, and I'll be painting Thurs night and all day friday, then we'll probably move in Saturday/Sunday.  At least, that is the plan.  Hopefully we can stick to the plan.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

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I just heard that Eric's fiance, Kate, was getting some rude messages from an anonymous person on Facebook.  I didn't see the messages, and nor did I hear the story from Kate, so I don't have the whole true story.  But they were about her and Eric and how it won't work out between them and that they aren't right for eachother.  Something like that.
I just can't believe it.  I can't believe anyone would stoop so low as to terrorize someone on Facebook, let alone do it anonymously.  Seriously, grow up.  Grow up and back the hell off.  Grow up and get mental help, because obviously you have some kind of problem there.  People have committed suicide over messages online before...It's not OK. 

Monday, June 30, 2008

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July is such an exciting month for us!
We found a townhome we really liked, and made an offer.  We were pre-approved for a townhome that was more expensive, so we're 95% sure we'll get this without a problem.  It's in Provo, and it fits us so perfectly!  We have a good-sized, fenced back yard, with a b-ball court back there!  There's also a fireplace (no, not in the backyard... but in the house), and a room with a loft and bay window seat.  It's so perfect.  It's better than anything I ever imagined our first place to be... especially with today's prices!  We should be moved in by the middle of August, by the latest, because the current owners are moving then.
Our 1 year anniversary is next Monday!  This year has gone by so fast for us.  We've had some challenges to get through, but we're still going strong.  The biggest challenge was fitting all my clothes and shoes in the tiniest bedroom known to mankind for the first 6 months of our marriage.  :-)  Don't ever try that... seriously...  We're lucky we love each other so much, or we may not have made it through that.
This Saturday night we are staying at the Anniversary Inn on South Temple.  We've reserved the Mysteries of Egypt room.  So excited!  It looks way rad!
Also for our anniversary, I stole my cousin, Sundy's amazing photographer.  And we're getting "family" portraits done.  We don't have a big family yet, but hey... it's a good yearly tradition to start.  I LOVE this photographer's work.  Check her out!  So excited about that too!
We're also planning a Disneyland trip for the end of July.  Yes, we just barely went in May... but hey, Disneyland rules!!!!  I got the time off from work already, but we may or may not go still.  Lance's mom had surgery on her throat area, because she had some cancer in there.  They couldn't get all of it, so she has to do radiation.  And we're not sure exactly when that will be.  But!  They went and checked her recently, and what they couldn't get, was gone.  It was like it had healed itself.  When does that happen?  Never.  The church is true, guys.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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I know I've done this before, but I would like to do it again.
I'm going to say some things here that I would like to say to some people, but that I could never get the guts to say to their faces... so here goes.
1.  We used to be good friends, best friends in fact.  I used to feel like I could call you for anything, anytime.  Now I feel like I can't call you at all.  We haven't even hung out in over a year.  What's up with that?  I used to try to keep contact, but you wouldn't ever text or call back, so I gave up.
2.  I'll never forget the time a couple years ago, when I was in a deep depression and one night I had a severe anxiety attack and you were there for me.  You told me that we should go on a walk together.  You hugged me... I don't think we had ever hugged before.  I'm not a huggy person... but that was something I needed at that time.  I just want to say thanks... and I'm glad to know that you're there for me, no matter what.
3.  I want to apologize to you for how I've treated you.  To your face I'm pretty nice(ish) but I talk really bad trash behind your back.  I need to stop doing that.  You seem get all awkward when I'm around.  I don't know if I intimidate you, or what, but I wish you wouldn't be all awkward.  I don't want to make you feel how you feel around someone else we both know...
That's all for now… if I think of more, I'll add it. 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

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is harder than I thought it would be.
We've seen a lot of cute places!  One we liked enough that we went to apply for the home loan.  We totally got approved, no problem.  But the payments were pretty high.  We've gotten used to our lavish lifestyle of buying whatever we want to whenever we want to, going on mini-vacations whenenver we feel like it, etc.  I don't know if I can give all that up.... so the hunt continues.  We've got a few more places on our list to go check out.  Hopefully we'll have a decision by the end of the week.
The hunt continues.....

Friday, June 6, 2008

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My evil plan worked!
I asked Sierra to watch episode 1, from season 1 of One Tree Hill.
She grudgingly agreed.
After it was over, I asked her what she thought.
"I'm annoyingly intrigued," she replied.
So we watched episode 2 as well.
She won't come out and admit it... but she wants to watch more, I know.
No one can deny the power of episode 1!  No one!
Well, at least I haven't found anyone yet.  :-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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I have a really hard time complimenting other people.  Well... mostly women.  I have a hard time complimenting other girls.
Especially girls who are beautiful, and have lots of money, always nabbed the man they went after, etc etc.  The kind of people who get compliments from everyone...
So if I ever compliment you... whether or not you feel you fit the description above, it is a BIG deal to me.  It was probably very hard for me to say whateer I said.
And I wouldn't ever give a fake compliment.  If I said it, I meant it.  And it probably killed me inside to compliment you too.
Don't hate me for my confession.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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Just feel like blogging it up!
Busy times for me this month! 
Work has gone absolutely out of control.  I barely have time for lunch lately, and they've even asked me to come in on Saturdays.  I really didn't want to, but I guess I just have a hard time saying no when it comes to my job.
Weddings, weddings galore!  My friend, Tenille and Brandon are getting married this Saturday, congrats!  My cousin Sundy, and forgive me but I don't know her fiance's name, are getting married in June!  Then Eric (my bro) and Kate are planning an August wedding!  Then my friend Weston and Sara are getting married Sept. 16th!  Carly (an old friend) is marrying her b/f of like 4 years or something... not sure when, September or November, I think?  Richard (my co-worker) is marrying a good friend of 16 years/soul mate on May 30th!  Congrats to all the wedding people!  2008 is the year of weddings!
The Jazz lost in game 6 against the Lakers. So no more late nights in SLC for me and my hottie of a husband.  I'm kind of sad, but at the same time, relieved.  But, we got season tickets again for next year, so it's only a matter of time until it starts all over again!
Sierra introduced me to this game: Life - Twists and Turns.  I'm totally addicted.  I would like to play right now, except it's at her house... and yea... I can't exactly go there right now!  Also, her little baby is a STUD.  So cute, I love him.
One Tree Hill had it's 5th season finale today.  So sad!  But I heard they got picked up for season 6!  I'm so glad!  I thought this might be the end!!  I love that show way too much.  But hey... everyone has their guilty pleasure, right?
If you're in a music rut, spend a few mins and check out some songs on my playlist.  They are da bomb!
Well that's enough random thoughts for tonight.  What a good little update on my life right now, eh?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Jazz, Wendover, and Another Weekend Gone Blogs - JenJo MySpace Blog

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Ok so the weekend isn’t over yet, but... it sounded good in the title?  Right?
Lance and I went to a Jazz autograph party last week.  It was super fun!  We bought this really nice Jazz ’07 - ’08 team plaque for them to sign for us, and an AK 47 jersey that Lance gave to his dad.  What sucked was my 2 favorite players didn’t show up!  Memo was sick, and Korver just had his birthday, and was probably hung over, or maybe family was in town...who knows.  It was still fun though!  Nicest people?  Andrei Kirilenko, and Jerry Sloan.  They wanted to chat, and they smiled asked how you were, and thanked us for coming out.  OMG!  Shocking!  On the other hand, it was pretty much obvious that Matt Harpring did not want to be there.  Kind of made me feel bad.  He even signed over Deron Williams’ picture on my plaque!  WTF is that about?!  Poor guy, probably wanted to spend the time with his family.
Unfortunately, of all the players that showed up, we didn’t get Deron Williams’ signature.  The time was up before we could get into his line.  Sadness!  I know!  It’s all good though.  There’s always next year!  We got tickets for the Playoffs this year, and season tickets for next year as well.  We ? the Jazz!  ?
So there was a Jazz game on Friday (yesterday), in which the Jazz blew out the Clippers 101 to 121.  And that’s without Okur and Brewer playing at all, and Kirilenko only played half the game!
After the game we went to Wendover, and partied it up.  Wasn’t as much fun this time as the previous time we went, but that’s ok.  We stayed the night up there, and drove back today.  It’s always nice to get away for a little while.  I just prefer to go somewhere where I can actually do something.  I’m not I can’t gamble.  Nor do I really want to.
Tomorrow is the first "Family Dinner" at my mom’s house.  It’s something we’re going to try to do every Sunday from now on.  Tomorrow my mom is making Lasagna.  I am so excited, that’s my favorite!  Maybe when Lance and I get our own place we can host the "Family Dinner."  That would be cool.  Have a little party.  Rockband it up!  Holla!
Until next time: Don’t get sad, get GLAD!  ?

Friday, March 21, 2008

What a GAY Night Blogs - JenJo MySpace Blog

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So I got home from work yesterday, at 6, as usual.  Freaking long drive...  anyway...  Lance was really tired and wanted to lay down for a bit.  Well guess how long "a bit" turned out to be?  All night.  Yeah, it sucked.  What a crappy day.
Tonight I have bunco, but I don’t want to go.  I’d rather go to the Jazz vs. Lakers game.  But Lance, planning on me going to bunco, probably already asked someone else to go with him.
One more thing to gripe about...  don’t call me "sweetie"  "honey"  "cutie"  "babe" or anything else GAY like that, unless you’re my husband.  It’s condescending, and it pisses me off.  Thanks.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dear Sierra Blogs - JenJo MySpace Blog

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You’re my best friend, and I care about you more than I think you realize.
You’ve been really depressed and down on yourself.  I feel really bad, and I don’t really know how to help.  But the things I have tried to do to help you seem to just be taken for granted, and/or not really cared about.  I don’t know if you just want attention, or if you really don’t want my help.  I’m getting the feeling that you want to be depressed, and I get that idea because you’re not really doing anything to really help yourself.
When you first talked to me, yes I was at work and I couldn’t give you 100% of my attention, but the ideas I gave you, you just shot down.  Instead of being willing to give it a try, you don’t think they’ll work.  Well how can you know without trying?
I invited you over the other night, and instead of saying "thanks for the invite" you said "now you tell me" and that you were going to a movie.  It’s as if you expect me to invite you to things...  but I don’t see you inviting me to anything.  Sure I live 20 miles away, but we both have cars.  All you have to do is pick up the least 20 minutes in advance.  I’ll admit, I do need to get better at this too...
So I’m out of ideas, so all I can do now is sit back and wait for you to be my friend again.  Yeah, you’re probably a little offended at that, right?  You think your friends abandoned you, right?  Well look again.  ’Cause I’m still here.
Love, Jenn

Saturday, March 8, 2008

New Job! Blogs - JenJo MySpace Blog

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Ok I lied.  I don't have a new job... just a new position!  :)  I finished my first official week yesterday (yes, I only work in the office Mon - Thurs, aren't I lucky?!).  I feel like it went really well.  I realized that I know more about set-up of projects than I thought I did, and problems that seemed super foreign were a breeze to fix!
For those of you who don't know already, I am now the "Lead Checker" or "Manager of the checking department" or "Quality Assurance" etc.  I don't really like the "manager" one, because I'm currently the only checker.  So I guess I'm managing myself?  When we get new checkers I will be in charge of them, though.
Dana (my boss) and I had a meeting yesterday to see how my first week went, and to give me a real direction to take my new position into.  I know most of you don't understand my job whatsoever, but for those of you that do... 
I will be trying to stop specing errors.  We'll see how that goes.  But my plan is to track them by PD.  Maybe a certain PD always specs a certain point wrong.  If they spec the same point wrong 2 or more times, Dana will write them to notify them about it, so maybe they can clean up their specing.  Also, extra points spec'd differently on Stubs than they are on Banners.  I don't understand why they don't just copy from the banners... but whatever.
I will also be keeping track of faxed edits that are errors on our part.  If they faxed an edit of something they'd like to change, or a point they'd like to cut, that's fine.  We can't predict when they will do that.  But I want there to be absolutely 0 errors on our part.  That's the goal.  We'll see if we can reach it!
Lol... I just read through my blog, and I kind of sound like a politician rambling off their ideas for a better America.
? Until next time!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Pet Peeve Blogs - JenJo MySpace Blog

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I realized that I hate it when people unecessarily defend or justify themselves for the choices they make. 
I don't want to give any examples...  but let's just say it's stupid.  I'm trying to have a conversation with you, why are you talking to me like I'm trying to compete with you, and why do you have to defend a stupid little thing that you've done, that really is meaningless to me?  Do I intimidate you?  I didn't think so... so why get defensive?  So what if I have a different opinion?  "I like pink."  "Oh well I like blue because it's the color of my husband's eyes, and his eyes are gorgeous."  I dunno... seems kinda unecessary to me.
Some people just need to make things a competition, when it doesn't have to be.  Get over it, because I don't care.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's been a while... Blogs - JenJo MySpace Blog

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...since I've written a blog.
There's a lot going on right now....  well, at least a lot since I wrote last.
Lance and I FINALLY moved into the basement, where we plan to stay for... not much longer.  We're going to start looking for a Town home/condo or house pretty soon.  It has been fun having our own space with room to breath.  And I love my closet.  That's the best part. 
Lance is working at FloServe, in Springville.  He averages about 50 hours a week, but last week he worked 63.  So...  he works too much.  The checks aren't bad though.  We're currently still on opposite schedules; he works day, I work night.  But that will be changing in 2 weeks!  Oh yes!  I am moving to days, and I am so excited!
Eric comes home in 2 weeks from today!  It's pretty exciting.. but I'm afraid everyone will bombard him.  "Everyone" meaning his friends, when really it's his family who he needs to focus on first.  Wait a minute, who am I to say what he needs to focus on?  Ok, what I'm trying to say is... his friends should back the freak off, so *I* can spend time with him before he's gone and I never see him again.  How's that?  Pretty blunt?  Yeah, I know.  That's how it is, so deal with it.
Alright well that's it for now.