Thursday, December 13, 2007

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So, I just feel the need to write right now, but I'm not sure what to write about. 
Life has been ok.  Still living in Kyle's room.  The basement is actually coming along though.  But, I'm ready to have a place that's 100% our own.  I want to get out of Laura's and her family's hair.  I'm sure we bother them 110% more than they bother us.  They're so nice to let us stay here.  And so nice to offer us food sometimes, and get us random things just because.  But it's time for us to have our own space, so we can act like newlyweds for real... and actually use our wedding gifts!  I just hope we can stay close like we have been.
I went shopping today... bought a nice pair of black pants, a sparkly top, a necklace and 3 pairs of earrings.  None of it really matches each other though. I've decided that I'm going to stop buying cotton t-shirts and stuff.  I need to get more "nice" clothing.  Laura and I watch "What Not to Wear" a lot, and I think my wardrobe needs to be a little bit more upscale.
I was looking forward to this weekend...  It was going to be amazing.  Our company Christmas party is on Friday, at Tuscany up in Salt Lake, and on Saturday there's a Jazz game that Lance and I are going to (we have season tickets).  So Lance and I were going to stay in a hotel Friday night after the party.  Well, now I find out that Lance has to work on Saturday...  so I guess we go to the company party, drive home for an hour, he goes to work, comes home, and we drive all the way back up to Salt Lake.  Sounds like a waste of gas, and a waste of time to me.  At least I'll get to spend some time with him, huh?
Well anyway...  until next time!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

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I guess since I haven't written since before the wedding I should give a little update...
The wedding went well.  Just made all my pics available for everyone to see!  Most of the pics from our photographer were way too large (super high quality), so I had to shrink them down, and I guess I shrunk them down too much, 'cause now the quality isn't that good at all.  But oh well...take a look.  It was a great day!
A great day until we had to leave the reception, that is.  There was a HUGE fire down near Fillmore, and they had the freeway closed for 93 miles.  Well, we were supposed to stay in Fillmore, but the freeway was closed 20 miles before fillmore and 73 miles after Fillmore.  But we didnt' know this until taking a 100 mile detour.  We ended up staying in Richfield, along with everybody else who was tryingn to get through the closed freeway.  As you can imagine, all the hotels were full and the only thing available was in a cheap banger motel, and it was a smoking room.  Loveley wedding night, huh?
The honeymoon was SWEET!  Except for the fact that I was "sick" the whole time.  Ok, so I really wasn't sick, but the truth is kinda feminine TMI so we'll leave it at sick...  We went on a cruise (if you couldn't tell from the photos) to San Diego, Catilina Island and Ensenada, Mexico.  We ported out of Los Angeles, so on the way down there we spend a night in Vegas at the Luxor hotel.  That's the pyramid hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.  That was a super nice hotel!  The cruise was fun, had a lot of amazing food and good activities, and super sweet sites to see.  On the way home we spent 2 days in Las Vegas again.  We had so much fun!
Currently we are living in the smallest room of Lance's sister, Laura's house with her family.  They've been working on finishing the basement for us... but didn't really get started until a couple weeks before the wedding...  So here we are, crammed in a tiny space.  At least we're together though... that's all that counts!  The basement is slowly making progress...

Friday, July 6, 2007

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37 hours until I get married....  37.
Kind crept up on me... this past week totally flew by!
Tomorrow will be a busy day...  I'm going to practice waking up at 6am so I won't be zombie on Saturday!  Nobody wants to see a zombie bride!
My room is a disaster.  Looks like I had a tornado.  There is stuff everywhere, and nowhere to put anything!  I'm going to have to finish moving after the honeymoon.
So...anyone who's interested.  For our honeymoon we are going on a cruise to Catilena Island, and then Ensenada, Mexico.  On our way down, we are spending 1 night in Vegas at the Luxor, and then on our way back we're spending 2 nights in the 4 Queens hotel.  I'm pretty excited!  It will be fun!
Well... I hope the rest of you who have not already told me they can't make it, will come see us at the reception.  6-8pm on Saturday the 7th.  It's at the church on the corner of 400E and 200S in Pleasant Grove.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

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I went to the temple for the first time on June 23!  And a second time last night. 
I'm cool now... just so you ya know!  Way way cool...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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"The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come." Joel 2:31
That scripture came to mind tonight as I was driving home from Lance's.  I'll explain...
Currently, and all day long, the mountain just across Utah Lake, west from here has been on fire.  During the day all you can really see is smoke. It is almost 2am now, thus it is dark.  Well... practically that entire mountain is blazing right now, and you can see the yellow-orange flames.  I tried to take a detour on the way home so I could drive closer to it and watch the fire, but all those roads are closed for construction.  I did get close enough to see the actual movement of the fire.  ...It is so gorgeous.  Anyhow, while driving I caught a glimpse of the moon in my rearview.  The moon was just north of this blazing mountain, and the moon was blood red.  I hurried up and got home as fast as possible so I could get my camera to take a picture.  Because boy... was this pretty.  This blazing, yellow-orange mountain and a blood red moon was something I've definately never seen before!  Well, my pictures didn't really turn out very well... but I did stand and stare at the moon for a bit.  It actually changed colors, it went from a pale orange, to a deep orange to a dark red.  It was very fascinating.
The scripture came to my mind when I first saw that the moon was red.  It occurred to me that the sun has been "turned into darkness" and the moon into "blood" or at least, the color of blood.  The funny thing about scripture is that sometimes it's figurative, and sometimes it's litteral!  But, in this case I'm assuming/hoping the scripture is figurative.  Thus, the sun went down, so it has been "turned to darkness" and the fire reflecting off of the moon has caused it to appear red, or "into blood."   Quite interesting, the way scripture describes things, isn't it?  I'm not necessarily saying.... oh looky... this prophecy is fulfilled, the end is near.  But the scripture was just a thought that popped into my head. 
In that "great and terrible" day, when the Lord comes again, there's supposed to be fires and earthquakes and just a whole bunch of terrible things.  So maybe, when he comes, the fires will be reflecting off of the moon while the sun is down and make it appear red. 
But then does say "...*before* the great and the terrible day..."

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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I had my bridal shower on Saturday.  It was really cute.  They had a liuau theme.  How do you spell liuau?  Anyway, they made me wear this flower bra thing and a grass skirt, and a lei of pink habiscus flowers.  We ate chicken, and potato salad, and fuit and chips, mmm!  My mom took some pictures, but I'm not on my laptop right now so I can't post them yet.  Laura's husband is working to fix mine, which is so nice of him!
I got a lot of nice gifts at the shower and I just want to say thanks to everyone who came for giving Lance and I their support...unless they just came for the food... Haha.
Less than 3 weeks left!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

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I heart The Used!
I finally bought their latest album: Lies for the Liars.  Is it as good as I had hoped?  YES!  They have 3 songs that are solely about lovey dovey things, and a few slight references to love or girls in other songs, so I'm wondering... has Bert fallen in love? Hmm...  Anyhow, I've added one of the songs from this CD to Lance's and my Wedding Mix to be played at our reception.  So if you come to our reception, keep an ear out for it.  It's pretty amazing!
I also bought...ahem *cough* *cough* O-Town...*cough*  Yeah, big mistake.  Does anyone remember them?  They were that one band that was created on a TV show.  Band?  Can I call them a band?  No.  They are a singing group, and a mightily poor one at that.  All their songs are about sex. But whatever...  I feel bad for whoever has paid full price for this p.o.s album... I only paid $4, and I'm regretting it horribly.
Thanks for taking time out of your life, to visit mine!

Monday, May 21, 2007

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That was some crazy stuff right thurr!! 
There's nothing quite as funny as getting a big group of women ages 17-46 together and having a party that  What a hoot! 
I wanted to thank everyone for getting me something!  Arrianne told me what everyone got me, but I don't remember everything.  So I guess I'll know when it gets sent to me in a couple weeks!  I'm super excited!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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Here's the dealio...
Lance and I got engaged on December 25, 2006. 
That same night, I called my grandparents on both sides. 
My dad's parents are in Alaska.
So are 2 of his sisters, Melody and Annette.
So is one of my married cousins, Stephanie.
We have this family webpage at where we posted the news and everything.  Here are some responses...mind you, these are from my FAMILY MEMBERS!
Aunt Melody:
"Give our regrets to Jennifer and Lance but Tom and I will be unable to attend the wedding. If just us came there would not be anyone to leave the kids with and we can't affort to bring everyone out ,especially in summer during tourist season when airline fares are most expensive."
Melody is currently in Nashville, Tennesse on a "girls trip" with 2 of my other aunts.  Hmm...expensive air fares, eh?
Grandma Keele:
I am so sorry to have to inform you that it is almost impossible for Grandpa and me to get out of Alaska in July.  That is the busiest season for Alaska.  Mostly it is already booked clear thru August and September...but we are going to try to come out middle of or last part of Nov. and stay for a couple of months.  60 days is all we are allowed with the state medical programs both of us have.
Hmm... My mom later found out that Grandpa has a fishing trip planned for July.  Wow... I must be super important.
Also Grandma Keele, concerning a funeral held in Idaho:
"One disadvantage of living in Alaska is we can't be where we would like to be at a moments notice."
You know what that tells me?  They really just don't want to come.  Because I gave them 6 MONTHS notice... but oh no, they can't come.
Cousin Steph:
"I will already have taken all the time off work that I can for the year...I still debated trying to fit in a trip to Utah for your wedding during those weeks off, but that can only happen if I have the baby way late!! So I really do hate to add to the list of "Sorry I can't come"s, but I don't see how I could do it."
Stephanie's is actually sincere... but it still sucks.  She had her wedding out here a few years ago and EVERYONE came, so basically I feel...unimportant.

Monday, April 16, 2007

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I'm having a blast here in the heart of Los Angeles...AKA Anaheim!  We went to Disneyland on Friday and got to ride everything we wanted to except Splash Mountain and the Matterhorn.  Splash Mountain was completely shut down for the day, and the Matterhorn was temporarily closed for repairs, and we didn't have time to go back to it.  But, I had a blast!  My favorite ride at Disneyland would have to be...Indiana Jones.  What a sweet ride!
I got my picture taken with Captain Jack Sparrow.  Those charaters are super hard to find!  It's like they don't want their picture taken with you!  We had to chase him was crazy.  Man, he really looked like Johnny was sweet!  I'll post my amazing pic...
On Saturday, my birthday, we went to California Adventure!  California Adventure had a lot more "fun" rides than Disneyland.  Disneyland had a better atmosphere though.  My favorites at California was Hollywood Tower of Terror, and the Rockin' California Screamin'.  Serious fun....  There was so much detail in the hotel for the Tower of Terror...  it was crazy!  And the ride...amazing!  And the Screamin' was sweet because of the music and it was fast.  I was on the last car, so I couldn't see where we were going, it was sweet!
Some other great rides at Disneyland: Rockin' Space Mountain, and of course Pirates of the Caribbean.  California: The Aviator, Grizzly Rapids.
There were several 3D movies around the parks, and we saw all of them.  My favorite was A Bug's Life because it had loads of interaction with the audience.
So all in all, it's been an amazing weekend!  And my birthday rocked!  What better place to be than the "happiest place on earth" "where dreams come true"?!  My mom bought me some nice sunglasses, and a pirate princess shirt, and then she and my dad took me to dinner at this place right outside the park called La Brea Bakery.  You eat outside, and because it was kinda chilly they had their heat lamps on.  We had sour dough bread as an appetizer.  I love sour dough bread!  And then I had herb chicken, and mashed potatoes with a very elegant salad...and of course to drink; Dr. Pepper.  MmmMmm...
It's been nice staying in a $200/night hotel, and getting practically all the souveniers we want.  For the first (and last) time in my life, I feel like rich folk.  But I'm sure the second we get home that will end.  Woohoo for tax returns!
Now...we are off to Las Vegas to spend more money and have more fun!  Gogo Coke World, the best Coke on earth!!
Ciao for now! (Heehee, that rhymed!)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

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Oh yeah...  I forgot how much I enjoyed posting what new CD's I've bought, and giving a short review of them...
Rise Against - The Sufferer and the Witness - Pretty freaking amazing!  I've seen Rise Against live twice now... I don't really like them live.  They just play their music and go on about it, don't really show that they care about their fans or put a ton of emotion into the music.  But.. the CD is way good.  I like all but one song, it's a slower one, but I don't know the name of it.  Other than that one song, I love this CD!
Aiden - Nightmare Anatomy - I saw Aiden at the Taste of Chaos tour, and I liked them a lot!  But, they are better live than they are on the CD.  They have a few good songs, but I really have to be in the mood to listen to them or else they just sound really bad.
I think those are the only CD's I've bought since I last posted what new CD's I have.  I can't wait for The Used's new CD!!  It comes out in May...I am definately getting that one!!

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So I have an amazing boy...  He felt bad for my stupidity, and he bought me a 4GB, pink iPod for an early B-Day present.  How sweet.. I love him so much.  Now I can listen to music on the long journey to DisneyLand next week!
Did I mention I'm going to DisneyLand?  I didn't think so...  I haven't been since I was 4 years old...  I'm actually kind of nervous because I remember everything being really scary.  I guess we'll see!  I'm taking my camera, so be on the lookout for some sweet new pictures!
Speaking of new pictures, Lance and I got our engagement photos back.  I posted 2, one cute one, and one mess up.  So uh... check them out, and comment!  I would post more, but then our announcements wouldn't be as special, and yeah...
Right now I'm just wasting time.  I'm really not tired, but I don't have anything to do... soo.... yeah....

Saturday, March 31, 2007

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I can't really decide what mood I am in.  I can't decide if I am extremely pissed or just really sad, scared or just unsure.
I recently bid on a pink ipod nano, 4GB on eBay.  Unfortunately I didn't win, I was the second highest bidder.  Well, about an hour after the auction ended, the "seller" contacted me saying the highest bidder wasn't responding to his e-mails so he wanted to offer it to me for $110, including shipping!  Now that's a really good deal, so I jumped on it!  He told me to sent the money through Western Union Money Transfer.  I responded saying I didn't trust that, and would prefer PayPal, the most common payment method on eBay.  He replied back saying that teenagers from the US scammed him for $1500 dollars on PayPal, and that his way was safer.  Me, being stupid...  believed him, and sent the money.
 Well, here I am... no ipod, no contact from this person.  All I have are numbers to contact to report fraudulent activities.  Because I didn't pay through eBay, they cannot do anything, and because he already picked up the money from Western Union Money Transfer, they cannot do anything. 
I'm pissed because I should have been smarter... I should have investigated the e-mails more.  I'm pissed because people should never scam other people in the first place, and I hope he rots in Hell for it.  Earn your own money...I work for mine, why can't you work for yours?
I'm sad because I'm out $132.  $110 for the "ipod" and $22 for the money transfer charge.
I'm scared and unsure because this man has my home address...who knows what he will do, who knows what he could do?  I'm scared for other people who he may try to scam.
I'm unsure because I don't think anybody can do anything for me.  My money is gone, and that man is out there scamming other people.  I don't blame eBay, or Western Union.  I only blame myself for my stupidity, and that man for being an asshole.
If anyone has any suggestions on what I should do...please let me know.  Thanks.

Friday, February 2, 2007

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I am so going...March 6....are you?


By the way...hello!  Oh, and I'm engaged.  I realized I hadn't posted that on my blog yet.  Lance proposed on Christmas day!  Silly boy...  I thought he was going to propose on Halloween...but that didn't happen.  And then for Christmas we were both struggling with money so he said he couldn't afford a ring. was a suprise!  Soo....yeah...  Plans are in the works.  We will be married July 7, 2007 at the Jordan River Temple...which reminds me, I was supposed to call them today!  Luvs!